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  1. whatcharterboat

    T4 Synchro Doka Build

    Looking for any advice from other T4 Synchro owners please. . I am hoping to build this into a neat travel rig over the next year or so. This '95 model Doka was a gift from a very old friend. There was a bit of rust in the body and almost 600k'k's under it's belt so he decided to try to find a...
  2. whatcharterboat

    All wheel drive sidecar

    Not sure if this had been posted or not but definitely worth taking a look at. Such an interesting build. There is also another youtube clip of it traversing some deep mud. An oldfriend built an all wheel drive motorcross sidecar using three hydraulic...
  3. whatcharterboat


    Has anyone here done the Anne Beadell Highway in a Canter size truck recently? Asking this question on behalf of on of our customers planning to go in May. I know a couple of guys who've done it before in 2009 and 2012 and one was what you'd consider pretty big (2.4m wide x 3.2m high) but I...
  4. whatcharterboat

    Requirements for motorhome registration in Queensland.

    Hi just saw this posted by Iain over in a unimog thread and thought it would be handy in this section as it comes up so much in conversation here. Please note that other states may vary in some aspects but set out in this application form linked below are all the features to enable you to apply...
  5. whatcharterboat

    U 500 CAD files

    Can anyone please help with 3D CAD files for a U500? Actually, even 2D CAD files would be helpful. Thank you in advance? CharlieA , you wouldn't have any by chance? This the exact chassis. Regards john
  6. whatcharterboat


    Please help us name our new 4x4 motorhome......we are stumped and it badly needs a name for marketing purposes so we are going to give a new Waeco Fridge to whoever can come up with the best model designation. This is no joke and does not cost anything. We need to finalize this in the next...
  7. whatcharterboat

    Another Unimog Camper built in Queensland

    We had a customer come in last week with his new U5000. As they are so rarely seen here other than the Australian Defence Force trucks and in Iain's awesome build thread , I thought I should post some pics. Hope that's OK. The owner is from up on the the range above the Sunshine Coast and may...
  8. whatcharterboat

    Iveco 4x4 Daily

    Andrew said Andrew, Thought it would be better to start a new thread so that once they have been released here everyone could place comments and first impressions or maybe some Euro Expo member could enlighten us even further. Just drove one....really powerful twin turbo. Comfy. Lots of...
  9. whatcharterboat

    2012 Brisbane 4WD & Tinnie Show

    I just took a quick couple of photos while at the show today...sory about the "Blackberry" quality. Hopefully some other ExPo members that were able to attend can also contribute. I know at least one of the ExPo members that came over for a chat at the Toyo Tyres stand was a pro-photographer so...
  10. whatcharterboat

    New FGB 71 for 2012.

    Hi. Managed to get a quick drive in the new FGB 71 today which replaces the FG 84 (Canter) in Australia. Straight off the boat. Hoping to go for a decent run in it on Monday and get it back into the workshop to start checking just how different it really is and what aftermarket bits we can carry...
  11. whatcharterboat

    Sticky clutch

    What happened to that thread???...... I must be going crazy. Hope it wasn't a bad dream. I could have sworn that there was a thread where Defenderbeam had a sticky clutch????????? Anyway this was my reply to the original post......sorry for starting a new thread. Hi Leon. Sure…. I've...
  12. whatcharterboat

    Suitable Strom front end

    RR1...(photo taken from your reply in the recent KLR thread) Do you know what these forks, front wheel, brakes, etc are off? I have just bought a Strom project bike from a friend that has all Husaberg ('05 maybe) running Whitepower USD forks, big Brembo single disc, and 21" front...
  13. whatcharterboat

    FG in a box!!!

    Hope you find this interesting. I know there were alot of questions raised about containerization once before so...... Went down to Brisbane to help with the loading of the RTW truck bound for South Africa. We were only there just in case of any technical problems. The loading was done by the...
  14. whatcharterboat

    Nps vs fg

    Well this can be a staring point for this thread anyway but maybe we'll stick with the current model NPS and FG. because of the huge difference to the previous models. From Engineer in the ATW Cape York Thread
  15. whatcharterboat

    ATW: The Bight to Cape York

    Ok, Most of what I’m putting down in this thread has been relayed to me by the owner of a motorhome we built about 18 months ago. This thread is a bit of an insight into what these trucks (FG and NPS's) are capable of in the Australian outback and hopefully will be a leader others with similar...
  16. whatcharterboat

    Electric winches on expo trucks.

    Hi . Was keen to get a few views on winches in a thread here. I know there is a dedicated thread section for recovery gear but I thought it might be good to hear from those with trucks of a 6 ton GVM and over what they think rather than just what Jeep/Cruiser/F Truck guy might use. Certainly no...
  17. whatcharterboat

    Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Holiday Show with Motorhome & Campervan Show

    Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Holiday Show with Motorhome & Campervan Show Ok, How about we put all the pics / comments from the show here? Here is a link to the list of exhibitors too.
  18. whatcharterboat

    Brisbane Truck Show

    Me Mickldo Mick Better to put this in a new thread. Oh my God. The best one ever. Actually we didn't plan to go at all but after spending till 8 PM on Saturday night trying to finish an urgent job for Monday we thought "Why not take a break, see what's new and catch up with all the gossip"...