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    Corvair Powered UltraVan All aluminum, aircraft construction. Completely restored years ago. All spray foamed. Air suspension. Toyota power brakes. No corrosion. Hasn't been on the road in a number of years. It wont take...
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    free standing canopy suggestions?

    Like the OP, I'm shopping for a canopy that is capable of being left up for a few days, rain or shine. I am surprised at how many I see that state that they are not meant to be left up in the rain. Ummm, isn't that the point? I'm looking for a portable & flexible solution in the campsite. I've...
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    FOR SALE 2017 MB Sprinter Van 144 tiny home with stunning interior design

    Nice van. I can see that you have a ton of hours in the work. I find the unrequested business advice you are getting rather funny. You are being very polite about it, but hope you are not taking any of it too seriously. My guess is you don't have much interest in appealing to "the masses" or...
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    Something a little different no affiliation 2006 Ford 350 Super Duty Lariat VIN: 1FTWW33P06EC13321 condition: good cylinders: 8 cylinders drive: 4wd fuel: diesel odometer: 20911 paint color: silver size...
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    Will I regret Michelin at2's in BC?

    I was not impressed with the set of Michelin AT2's I had on my Tacoma. They wore like iron due to the hard compound. But that compound made the winter performance suffer, big time. They did ok in the deep stuff (when new), but could not get decent bite on hardpack or ice. As they aged & lost...
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    Who would be interested in an Overland / toy hauler trailer?

    I've been looking at similar trailers. Big concern I have is the tongue weight/overall weight ratio with a load on the platform. What is your experience? How much tongue weight do you end up with when you have a couple bikes on the platform? What does your trailer weigh overall? Thanks.
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    To shell or not shell... That is the question...?

    Years ago, I screwed one of these into the end of one of these (broom handle) It now rides around in it's second truck. I have not had any problem retrieving any item from the front of the box.
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    Cool video of 2015 trail 4runner

    I learned nothing about the truck from those morons. I did learn KBB must have no editorial review process before publishing something. Something I will consider when reading/watching anything from them in the future. And they want to be a credible source? HA!
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    02 Bigfoot 30ft class C w toy box

    What are the dimensions of the toy box? And what are those openings in the rear wall of the toy box? Where do they go?
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    Daily driver tires, suggestions?

    Nokian? Anybody running Nokian AT tires? Looks like the current model is the Rotiiva. I had a set of Hakkas (winter tire) on a 2wd truck once and the snow performance was incredible.
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    Bed liners and insulation for interior

    Doesn't the bedliner stuff stink when applied in the interior? The only experience I have was a long time ago. Did some brush on liner to the bed of a pickup. Wasn't bad when it was open, but when I put a topper on it (at least a year after application), it would stink really bad after warming...
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    **Tepui Expedition Series Gear Bags**

    Really expensive for bags that are not waterproof. I don't see the value.
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    The eternal question: ICON's or SAW's?

    When I talked to SAW about a rebuild they were less than enthusiastic. Sounds like they would do it, but don't want to. I feel the same way, I could do it (I know it's not that hard). I just don't want to.
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    The eternal question: ICON's or SAW's?

    rebuild? Who rebuilds SAW's? I'm willing to pay someone else to rebuild mine. They show signs of leaking. They have been under there through a few MN winters, and look really nasty on the outside. I'm not sure I want to deal with it myself.
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    $150 Flip Pac Build (sort of)

    Doors What is known about when those doors were available on Flippacs? It seems they would be sooo much easier to use than climbing over the tailgate & ducking under the rear window on the current ones.
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    2.1 millon acres preserved - Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009

    Its getting to the point where USA is more and more appealing as a place to live.
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    Clueless on rack identification

    Yep. Standard Yakima "Toploader". Use 'em on my Leer & they work well. If you can wait & watch for used rack parts, you'll save a lot of $$ from the retail prices. IMO.
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    Stock height rear leaf suggestion (boring...)

    Alcan Call Alcan directly, tell them exactly how you use your truck, loads, ride height, etc. They will build what you need & ship it to your door. May not be the least expensive option, but it's the one with the fewest compromises.
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    Wildernest tent cap

    another one in Fridley, MN $300 No affiliation