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    Homemade Rear Swing Out Bumper build

    Simple and strong! 👍🏻
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    Identify this rack rail?

    I have a Leer cap with the same tracks and they fit Thule uprights, but don’t seem to be a Thule product? I bought my topper used and it was missing the end cap and the Thule caps are not a match.
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    Guana Equipment Morpho 270* Awning - the $350.00 dollar awning review

    Thanks for the review! Looks very similar to my original Foxwing in terms of pole placement etc.
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    Medical gear

    In my career (21 yrs Paramedic, 16 of those as ALS, also Wilderness/Urban SAR/CBRNE-II) I’ve been certified to do surgical airways as an absolute last resort. Thankfully I’ve never had to resort to it, but I’ll always remember the Dr instructing us saying that it’s only effective about 25% of...
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    That looks great! I want to do the same as the factory duffel is a poor design in my opinion. I may borrow some design cues from yours!
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    Teardrop #4

    How did the Monstaliner go on? Have you used it over wood before?
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    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    My kitchen on my trailer. It’s built in a Zarges case mounted on its side. The two aluminum boxes beside are flight cases that airlines used to preload with food/drinks.
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    Action Packer Alternative

    I too use the Plano cases both in my truck and on my trailer. 3/8 Foam backer rod tucks in nicely and makes them virtually waterproof. Make sure you leave a small gap so that they can equalize pressure.
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    My mom always had a thin sliver of ivory bar soap that she used to mark hems and cut lines. Washes right out and leaves no residue. Works best on darker fabrics, but pretty easy to see even on khakis. It also comes in handy to “wax” thin thread to get it through the needle eyes.
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    One from the trip last week, up along Lake Superior and through some back country north of Wawa and Chapleau.
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    Water storage

    I have the dispensing spout from DS Tactical ( and it works very well on the MWC. I might actually shorten the hose part to let it fit in the kitchen box drawer. It’s easy for the kids to use, it locks open in one direction and is...
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    LTT-FLATDECK trailer build (M1103). *New* AT Habitat addition.

    Nice setup! Thanks for showing the evolution of the trailer.
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    I think I’d want to run the vertical pieces at least 3/4 of the way towards the front of the adaptor, there’s a lot of force concentrating at the rear-most bolts on the hitch. I’m not an engineer, but I would be worried about that plate breaking/bending.
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    Bed Rack or Ladder Rack

    I can’t tell you why people are spending that much for bed racks, but I’d suggest either building one or having one built by a local welder. Mine cost less than $50 in material and took me a 1/2 day to build, it’s exactly what I wanted custom sized for my truck and tent.
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    For my truck mounted tent it would be to wide and overhang the bedrails on both sides.
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    Off Road / RTT Trailer Build

    I like the idea of the switch cover, I might steal that! Nice build!
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    I learned to sew on my mom’s 60s era Singer. I had a job in high school sewing canvas tents for a children’s summer camp in a big Pfaff. I moonlighted on that machine making a couple of boat and bimmi covers. Learned a lot about pattern making and getting windows and zippers to go in properly...
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    Yakima SkyRise 2 Review

    I’ll be getting the tent out of storage in a few weeks and I’ll get pictures.
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    Yakima SkyRise 2 Review

    Oh, and after the first night, I cut all the zipper pulls off and replaced them with accessory cord. No more jingling all night!