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  1. craig333

    Winter Fun Fest comms

    This year we were given a 2m frequency and a cb channel. I never heard a peep on the cb. I was chatting with one of the grass valley fourwheelers and he mentioned they had considered gmrs for club use but ultimately decided to go with ham radio for club use.
  2. craig333

    Overland Ham stickers

    Now that I have a new call sign I need a new sticker. Anyone know if the guy who did them before is still around?
  3. craig333

    Stolen TW200

    A 2019 Yamaha TW200 with only a few miles on it stolen from my Patio 4-29 at 2am. Unfortunately my camera decided to stop recording in March :( Only mod is the addition of handle bar guards.
  4. craig333

    I'm interested in the electric Jeep even though I'm sure I'll never be able to afford one
  5. craig333

    VHF contest

    Anyone else participate? I only made a dozen or so contacts but it was my first contest. Certainly perked the bands up.
  6. craig333

    Stubby vhf antenna

    I purchased mostly to use as a cap, this will be my the location of my HF antenna (working on the license and radio) when I'm done. Just wondering if anyone has used one and if its useful for more than just vehicle to vehicle. Maybe I'll plug in an HT when I'm not using the HF rig.
  7. craig333

    Water resistant 2m radio

    I have a Yaesu 8800 in my truck and while its a fine radio (small finicky knobs not withstanding) I'd like something a little more water resistant for the Jeep. Dual band preferably. I've been just carrying a handheld in the Jeep and thats fine for trail use but not so much hitting repeaters.
  8. craig333

    Winter Fun and CB

    Well my run had a listed cb channel 15, and a listed ham freq, 146.535. Never heard a peep on the cb. All comms were on ham. Simplex. Even if you don't want to take the test its time to pick up a baofeng (or other handheld) just so you can listen. They were even having a license test just before...
  9. craig333

    Toilet Paper

    I use a thetford myself and found this article very interesting.
  10. craig333

    Ham helps

    I was leaving camp near the Volcanic Tablelands off 395, decided to say hello on 2m. Announce I'm planning on heading up to Cerro Gordo. Immediately get a warning of high winds then another guy gets on and says "hey, we have a group heading up today, meeting up at 11:00, join us". Not that I...
  11. craig333

    Here map app

    Looks very nice. I was ready to download it until I read the permissions. Version 1.1.10172 can access: Identity read your own contact card Contacts read your contacts Location approximate location (network-based) precise location (GPS and network-based) SMS send SMS...
  12. craig333

    Pics you wish you didn't have to take

    No commentary needed.
  13. craig333

    Who needs equipment to recover a vehicle
  14. craig333

    24 Eldorado National Forest Routes Reopened

    With the other 18 to be rehabilitated and hopefully eventually reopened.
  15. craig333

    Lockable storage

    Anyone have any? Looking to protect small items, wallet, small electronics etc. Preferably something that could be built in.
  16. craig333

    Older PLB's?

    I've seen some great prices on ebay on some older plb's. Just wondering if theres a downside other than replacing the battery.
  17. craig333

    Pitkin vs. forest service

    Worth watching.
  18. craig333

    Tires and age (the tires are old, not me, well nm)

    Okay, the tires on the Jeep are ten years old. It doesn't see many miles. BFG mud terrains still with 3/4 tread life left, sidewalls looks excellent. No ages signs I can see. Its garaged and the sidewalls see frequent coats of 303. I hate to replace tires that still seem to be in great shape but...
  19. craig333

    Maxtrax UV resistance

    I've been unable to get a reply from maxtrax nor have any of the dealers replied. Anyone have any idea of how they last exposed to sun? I'd like to keep them more or less permanently mounted on the roof. I'm wondering if I should make some kind of cover. Kind of expensive to wind up having them...
  20. craig333

    Watch those high wattage bulbs

    Or you might get this. 100/80 watt hella H4 bulbs in IPF housings. Ran them for years with no problems. Drag the Jeep out for the toy run and hmmm, no headlights. You can sorta see on the other bulb where the solder connection has melted. I can only think I left them on while parked and...