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    Adventures of Hodor, A Gladiator Build Thread

    Going from the stock tires to 37's makes the gearing equivalent to 3.67. According to the interwebs, the automatic just makes it work. Gearing is spread crazy wide.
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    JKU suspension upgrade needed - Opinions Welcome

    As to AEV 2.5 vs 3.5, the retail literature states for both that they are intended for additional weight carrying. I would definitely communicate with them directly if you were leaning toward the 2.5 but thought the 3.5 offers better load capacity. Otherwise the OME suspension with the 2620...
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    Jeep J8 USA Buying Options?

    If one were looking for a Jeep based platform, one could consider ditching the entire body for this: If you start with a wrecked unit the cost should be inline with a regular JKU. Ditching all that bodywork and utilizing the heaviest of OME...
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    JKU roof rack suggestions

    That Terraflex system looks interesting- not unlike the AEV, using the roll-bar to carry the load. 'Bout half the money though. I'm already invested in various Yakima systems, so I'll be installing a set of landing pads on the top soon- I'll possibly re-enforce it down the road with something...
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    Importing a G?

    Where would one find such a list- 21 years really opens up possibilities.
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    Importing a G?

    You'll pretty much have to wait a while- in 3 more years, you could get one into Canada. In the mean time, there is the G300D from 1997 on. You get the awesome OM606. Based on Otiswesty's statement that you can federalize a 21 year old truck, That starts today.
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    3.73 VS 4.10 gear ratio’s

    Since it's a dually, it probably won't get big tires. The 3.73 gears will have plenty of power, wherever you go. But.... If you ever plan to sell it, those shopping for DRW trucks usually look to have the highest tow rating they can get- that means the 4.10 gears would make it more desirable on...
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    Tundra or Tacoma re gear with fourwheel camper opinions 4.88

    Don't forget to toss a Trutrac in the back while the axles are apart.
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    Wrangler pickup will be JT

    based on drawings and comparisons to the AEV Brute, the wheelbase should be right about 139". That's 2" less than the LONG version of the Tacoma and Colorado Crew cabs. Payload on regular and Rubicon type suspension will be small- probably around 500lb designed bed load. For international...
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    2000 Xterra front wheel bearing?

    The Timkin bearings I recently ordered for a different Japanese application ended up being from Koyo.
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    STORM POOPER; 2007 AWD chevy express

    It's easy to get carried away with tires- I would look for some pickup takeoff wheels with a good set of 265/75s already mounted. Bigger might look cool, but it really starts to rob power.
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    100 Series Buying advice... please :)

    My bother had a 99- even with the 4speed and w/o the VVT motor, it had plenty of pull for a car hauler. The rear locker is definitely nice. That said, I would stay clear of that 99 you're looking at- should be able to find some better private party ones.
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    Dilemma FZJ80 or FJ55

    I thought this one was pretty obvious- put the 80 hardware under the 55. You're welcome. Seriously though- sorry about your loss. Are you not getting anything from the insurance?
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    Monteros on craigslist

    I California trooper with a manual- all jokes aside, I'd be all over it, except for the distance.
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    24 year old surfer in NYC. Looking for the CHEAPEST possible van to turn into a proj.

    I would look for the least rusty AWD you can find. Cargo or passenger doesn't matter much. Cargo vans will be TRASHED, besides, nothing wrong with windows.
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    Supercharged 5VZFE and cooling

    My Tundra had basically the same powertrain- when you poke the OD Off button, the converter will stay locked, even standing on the skinny pedal, until you drop into 2nd. No heat, and the engine is right in the meaty part of the torque curve.
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    Nissan officially reveals the 4.0L V6 for the Nissan Patrol Y62 2017 in Oman

    Since Toyota sells a GRJ200, I suppose this makes some sense. The higher spec vehicles pictured don't look like they would be V6s though. The GRJ200s I've seen are all white poverty pack models. Now if they just follow it up with the V9X diesel... the Cummins V8 is too heavy.
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    Tire deflator kit??

    Figured out years ago that my valve stems would go from hissing to whistling, right around 12psi. Pull the core, wait for the noise, jamb the core back in. I know- about as exact a science as all the rest of off-road travel.
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    '86 Comanche Long bed, Slow build...

    The light weight part is awesome. I test drove a 5 speed 4L when I lived in Hancock- positively FLEW, and even with slightly less power, I'm sure this goes great.
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    Any advice? Lexus GX470 or Nissan Xterra or Pathfinder

    Up here in MI, I am not seeing GXs for less than 4Rs. As to the XTerra- keep in mind that the back seat is way up there for hoisting a car seat into, and the door handles are unreachable for kids. Maintenance history will almost always be better on the Lexus than either Nissan. I don't like the...