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    Cool drawer/platform build

    I really dig what he did for the slides/bearings. Sure, its not full extension, but it IS slick
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    New light expo/dd 2004 Forester

    I brought home a new addition to the fleet today: a seemingly unmolested 2004 Forester X 5 speed. It was previously a toad car and only has a bit over 117k on the clock. Just 45min into the ride home, the honeymoon ended. Above 65 mph, this unsettling vibration builds. It gets progressively...
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    Gen1 frame replacement.

    I've been shopping lately, and I'm coming across a few trucks that fell under the frame recall. In theory I can see the pros and cons to a complete frame replacement on a 11-14 year old truck, but I'm looking for some 1st hand experience. Anyone?
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    Trouble spotting- what to look for in buying a Gen3

    Ok- Looks like its finally time to hunt down a good value on a Gen3. I'm looking at the value end of the spectrum, and could use some advice on what specific items to look at. What are major red flags? Minor mechanical work is not an issue, but obviously I'm hoping to avoid having to replace...
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    Amazing HDJ80 creation

    This makes conversions like Tom's in Germany does look rather, um.... rustic. But if you scrape all that junk off the roof, it should be ready to go.
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    Has anyone else here ever looked into these things? They're an old model from Geocar (in Austria), built in Ukraine. At 6000E complete, the price is VERY attractive if the logistics weren't so tough. There just isn't...
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    Outback vs Volvo XC

    Perhaps this is even a stupid question, but I've been in Ann Arbor a lot lately, and I'm taking a shining to the XC70 or V70XC, as an alternative to a gently used outback. I'm not looking for a serious off-roader, more something that can gobble up miles with the gear, the wife, the (2)kids and...
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    Trooper for sale in VA

    Came accross this while kicking virtual tires-...
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    Shopping Gen 2.5 vs Gen 3 Monty

    Time has come for the regular cab to go and make way for something with more room for human passengers. The Montero seems like it would fit the bill, size wise. Price of good (lower mile, unmolested) 2.5s and early 3s doesn't seem to be too different. What kind of pros and cons are there between...