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  1. Butch1979

    2014 Fuso FG New Shocks?

    So I had the Fuso in the shop the other day and the service manager mentioned that my passenger shock needs to be replaced. With only 13K miles on the truck, I'm wondering if I need to go aftermarket vs the stock ones, so I'm looking for suggestions. The truck suspension is stock at this...
  2. Butch1979

    Chariot Running Stroller/bike trailer (Denver pickup or deliver to Expo West) $250

    I have a solid Chariot stroller/bike trailer we need to pass on to the next family. We've ran/biked a bunch of happy miles with this rig, but our daughter is starting to ride on her own. This piece of gear is not practical to ship, but you can pick it up here in Denver or I will deliver to...
  3. Butch1979

    Fruita Fat Tire Festival 2016

    Anybody else heading over to Fruita next weekend for the fat tire festival? We haven't attended in years (before we had our toddler), so we are excited to see how much the event has changed. I'm looking forward to all the demo bikes, music and BEER! We...
  4. Butch1979

    Bike Rack on a Fuso FG 4x4

    Who is carrying bikes with them on their campers? I'm interested to see your methods of transport. Anybody running a front receiver hitch with a bike rack? If so make/model? I'm a little concerned that the stiff suspension and bounce we get when hitting bumps on the highway might launch...
  5. Butch1979

    Adventures of "Sally Ross" Fuso Camper by Phoenix Pop Up Campers PHXFG

    Well we found our dream family rig just 10 minutes down the road from us recently and things have worked out for us to own this beauty. We are transitioning from a Sprinter van, that we really liked, but we just wanted more offroad capability, space and amenities. Realistically we didn’t think...
  6. Butch1979

    Financing for "4x4 off-road camper"

    Hello In an effort to realistically evaluate our next potential camper, we've started running the numbers with different financing companies for off-road campers in the 100-150K range. What I'm finding is that the banks are more than willing to provide us the money, assuming we were purchasing...
  7. Butch1979

    Four Wheel Camper Considerations

    We are looking into transitioning from our Sprinter van build to a FWC on a Tundra. It's a really tough decision that is still up in the air. I was hoping I could get some help/opinions from those of you who have some experience with these campers. The difference between a Granby and Hawk...
  8. Butch1979

    Dodge Pro-Master Winnebago Travata

    Has anybody checked one of these Winnebago Travato models out? It kind of seems like they are attempting to creep into the market that Sportsmobile (2wd) and Outsidevan have previously been covering. I like the front wheel drive aspect the Dodge Promaster offers. Additionally, this is a class...
  9. Butch1979

    Adventurer 80GS In a Tundra?

    Hello We dropped by the RV lot today (shouldn't have done that), and noticed an Adventurer 80 GS at a good price. What's the story with these campers? Anybody have experience with them? I'm looking to drop one on a Tundra for some fire roads and backcountry travel here in CO. I thought...
  10. Butch1979

    Fatbikes in the snow

    I purchased a Salsa Mukuluk this summer after a ton of deliberation on what fatbike I wanted and what I wanted to accomplish on it. Denver has received a few inches of snow this month, providing an awesome opportunity to finally get the bike in the snow. Some things to ponder as a new guy to...
  11. Butch1979

    Fuso 4x4 Camper For Family (looking for suggestions)

    Hello all, I'm looking for the same unicorn many of you are likely looking for. I would like a somewhat off-road capable camper that I could haul my wife and little girl in with relative comfort. Requirements: Sleeping area for 3 normal luxuries expected in camper (cooking, heat, power)...
  12. Butch1979

    Where do I start (Land Crusier guy considering Rover)

    Hello fellow overlanders I'm thinking about coming over to the Land Rover side of the house and would like to know where I should start reading up on the quirks of the different years. I'm leaning towards an LR3, but I'm open to suggestions... Any certain Discoveries that are worth building...
  13. Butch1979

    Katy Trail (Missouri)

    Looks like we are going to spend some time biking on the Katy trail in June of this year. We plan on taking our time and covering about 30-40 miles per day because we'll have our 3 year old with us on the back of my Surly Big Dummy. We are going to stay in cool bed and breakfasts and lodges...
  14. Butch1979

    Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak

    Does anybody have one of these inflatable kayaks? I'm looking to put my wife and 2 YO in one to poke around the lake.
  15. Butch1979

    ACA Bicycle Video Contest

    Did anybody else submit a video to the Adventure Cycling Association Video Contest? Here is our submission
  16. Butch1979

    Burley Tosa Tandem (sweet road bike for two)

    Up for sale is our awesome bike for two! We've had this Burley Tosa tandem for about 5 years now and it's been awesome. My wife and I have had some great times on this bike, however our cycling is focused more on gravel roads and time with our new baby. The bike is in great shape with no...
  17. Butch1979

    Family OBX Loop

    We recently had an awesome 6 day trip with our little girl. We stayed in hotels and biked about 50 miles each day totaling just under 300 miles. We used adventure cycling association maps, starting in Elizabeth City NC and looping all the way back through the OBX. My daughter and I toured on...
  18. Butch1979

    Big Dummy tires: Schwalbe Marathon vs Big Apple tires

    Looking to swap the current Continental town and country tires off my big dummy. Bike use: 40% dirt road 50% road riding/touring and a little single track mtn biking. I have my daughter on the back in a Yepp seat a large portion of the time also. So what are folks thoughts about the...
  19. Butch1979

    Dynamo Hubs

    Dynamo vs Solar or? Looking to charge the "normal" day to day electronics we tend to travel with (Iphone) and run a light during overnight camping trips and normal day to day family cycling. I don't intend to cycle for more than a few hours after dark. Initially I was really excited...
  20. Butch1979

    Surly Big Dummy

    I really think a Surly Big Dummy will be my next bike. Finding one used is proving to be relatively difficult though, which drives the awesome opportunity to BUILD one. I'm probably kidding myself on the actual knowledge it will take to put one together, however the idea of being able to tweak...