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  1. DCH109

    Basic review TrailFX Jeep JK Roof Rack

    I do not review items very often or if ever so if this is a mess sorry for that. Also I have zero affiliation with TrailFX, I paid for this with my hard earned cash. So I was looking for a roof rack for my JK that would not: Cost a lot Require drilling Require modifications to my Jeep After a...
  2. DCH109

    SOLD: IBS-DBS Dual battery kit (New) with the IBS Remote Boost Module

    So this is the complete kit. I bought it and decided to custom make my own setup so I never installed this system. Includes new #4 welding wire cable (red and black, I believe 10'). New at just about $500 with the RB module. Asking $350 shipped anywhere in the continental USA.
  3. DCH109

    Blue Sea ML-ACR 7622 Automatic Charging system, (New)

    I bought this for a Dual battery setup and changed my design so I no longer need it. Brand new open box (opened it to look at the instructions). Comes with the switch and the contra switch mounting panel. Asking $130 shipped anywhere in the continental USA.
  4. DCH109

    1 x ExpertPower LiFePO4 battery 100Ah (new open box) + charger - SOLD

    So I was going to keep this for a project and decided to let it go. I am over a year away from completing it and I doubt I will get this installed before then. This is a ExpetPower LiFePO4 battery 100Ah. This is an open box and was only taken out to look at it. I bought it at the end of June...
  5. DCH109

    Jeep JKU hardtop Exposed Racks Rooftop tent kit (SOLD)

    I have a set of Exposed racks for a Jeep JKU with the hard top. Exposed racks stated this will fit a RTT on the top of the JKU with the hardtop. I bought these from someone else (he bought them new and never used...
  6. DCH109

    Garage cleanup, crazy items for sale (All Sold)

    Ok a lot of this is for the custom built campers/ van guys out there, but do not really fall into the autoparts area. Pictures will be posted at the end. It was for a camper build I was going to do, but changed directions. 1. New/ openbox Xantrex freedom XC2000 power inverter. This is not your...
  7. DCH109

    New to Solar and may be a stupid question

    So here is my setup. 2020 Ram 2500 with the upgraded 220 amp alternator. I have a 1969 Alaskan Camper 8' Non Cab Over (NCO) that is in the process of some upgrades. The Alaskan will not not have propane at all as a fixture in the camper. for cooking, heat and hot water, I have other plans. The...
  8. DCH109

    SOLD -- OX Rhino Hitch for a LR3/4

    OX Rhino Hitch for a LR3 Used once to tow a military trailer about 4 hours home. I had big plans but have since bought a new 3/4 ton truck and no longer need this. Paid $623 shipped. Asking $380 shipped in the continental US. Bought it in July 2020 from Tactical 4x4. . I have the LR4 spacer...
  9. DCH109

    SOLD - LLams kit new for a LR3/4

    I bought this from another forum member and never installed it. It is brand new Asking what I paid for it $135 shipped to the continental US. New this is about $396 (or $550 Au). more info at HTTPS://
  10. DCH109


    I have a IIDTool BT (BG3) for sale. Used it once on my LR3. I bought it July this year from Lucky8. Paid $512 for it. I will take $350 shipped in the lower 48. You will need to transfer ownership hence why the lower price. I do not have the box any more, and I will include the cable to connect...
  11. DCH109

    Popup top on a trailer

    Ok so the title is maybe not what some may think. I am getting the ideas for my M101A2 build. Currently it has a ARE contractors cap with the side openings and single rear door in the middle. The side openings also have sliding windows and I may just seal the sides up and use only the sliding...
  12. DCH109

    sold LR3 Trailer hitch/ receiver (long version)

    I have an LR3 trailer hitch for sale. I change to a higher hitch for my military trailer. This comes with 1 key only Looking for sold shipped anywhere in the continental US.
  13. DCH109

    LR3 upgrades options what to do

    So I have a 2007 LR3 with 170K on the odometer. It is a non HD version but I do have a full size spare (I bought this immediately after purchasing the vehicle). It has had a bunch of maintenance work done recently and is completely stock.Everything is in working order (well still have to do the...
  14. DCH109

    Factor 55 stuff All SOLD!!!

    So I was planning on opening a business late last year and one thing led to another and it never happened. Then COVID-19 hit and I decided to hold off for the until next year. This has forced me to sell off some of my stock. All of this is brand new Factor 55 stuff, shipping is included for the...
  15. DCH109

    Karsten Inflatable tent

    So when I was a kid (i am 51 this year) my Dad had a very unique family tent, or so I think it was unique. It was a Orange and Green Inflatable tent (looked like a pumpkin). The tent was canvas and from what I can tell the bladders were heavier canvas (maybe like a fire hose). It had a schrader...
  16. DCH109

    Suggestions on a build

    So I bought this trailer over the summer for something like $600. It is a M101a2. The PO had removed the hydraulics and lunette and put on a 2" coupler. Nice thing is nothing was done that cannot be reverted if needed and I have all of the parts. It tracks straight as I hauled it 1200 miles to...
  17. DCH109

    Thoughts....on what to do.

    I have a dilemma that I just cannot solve; So I have currently 3 vehicles. a 1986 FJ60 (in very good overall condition with rebuilt drive train, LR tank) wife hates it not fast or modern enough for today. a 2007 LR3 SE, 4.4L (high mileage 161K but runs fine) all stock. a 2007 F150 Lariat Super...
  18. DCH109

    Maggiolina changing room question

    Has anyone used the Maggiolina changing room? I am picking up my Extreme med from a member here this weekend and I am also looking into getting the changing room. It is $$$ so before I spring for it, does anyone have one and what do you like or not like. I will get a winter hood and...
  19. DCH109

    Lightforce Striker 170 35w HID

    So I have a set of lightforce stricker 170 HID. yes actually hid with the ballasts. These are newish and I have had them on my 60 for less than 1 month. the are amazing lights with incredible light output. I have decided that they are not exactly what I want on the front of my FJ60 (to modern...
  20. DCH109

    IronMan 4x4 50L Ice Cube fridge (with transit bag) new

    This is similar to the ARB fridge. It is a few years old and it has never been turned on. I bought it from someone at a whim but I will not be using it this year so it needs to go. Comes with the transit bag (has 2 spots of white paint that could be cleaned off) , all cables (new) and the tie...