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  1. Tucson T4R

    Kimberley Karavan 2011 X series - $55,000 - SOLD

    I'm upgrading to a Kimberley S3 Kruiser so I am selling my beloved 2011 X Series Karavan. I put in a link to my photo gallery so you can see all the amazing (sometimes crazy) backcountry places this rig has taken me.
  2. Tucson T4R

    Inreach with iPad - nice combo

    I switched over to Inreach from my old Spot and have it paired with an iPad for back country GPS mapping and two way satellite texting when the need arises. Now that I have used it a few times I really like this set up. Definitely gives you peace of mind knowing you have reliable communications...
  3. Tucson T4R

    Micro Focus Adjustment

    I have been noticing that many of my captures, especially at F2.8 (narrow depth of field) at 200MM on my 70-200 lens seemed a little soft. I first just blamed it on my technique. Then I saw repeated shots of say wildlife surrounded by gravel or grass and it was quite clear that my camera was...
  4. Tucson T4R

    Large Canvas Wrap Challenges

    I had some recent challenges with two large 40X60 canvas wraps. I had these done at Bay Photo and sold them to a friend who lives in a super dry climate. After a couple months the canvas loosened up and waves appeared across the surface. Obviously not a good thing when you shell out the $$...
  5. Tucson T4R

    Cool Earth Fly Over Time lapse from the International Space Station

    I enjoyed this time lapse of the night time views flying over the Earth from the ISS. Nice views to have out your window. :sombrero:
  6. Tucson T4R

    Canon Service

    After my 7D and 17-55mm F2.8 IS USM lens went through the Upper Antelope Canyon falling sand abuse I decided to send in the lens and camera body for a professional cleaning and check out. I shipped them to the Irvine, CA Canon service center last week. I got them back this morning and I'm...
  7. Tucson T4R

    Adobe Lightroom 4

    I just installed the Lightroom 4 upgrade and played with a couple older photos that had challenging ranges of light. Originally I had to merge multiple exposures to get the result I was looking for. For these I just processed a single image with LR 4 and was able to tune down the highlights and...
  8. Tucson T4R

    Proud Papa of My First Large Prints

    I have a friend that lives in page Arizona and he wanted 4 large prints of some of my photos of the area. When I say large these are two 20X30 and two 40X60 canvas gallery wraps. Two of the images were crops of images taken with my old 50D so these started out down around 4.5MB. After...
  9. Tucson T4R

    2004 V8 4Runner cracked exhaust manifold

    I searched but didn't find much here on EXPO about this. I did find quit a few threads on other Toyota forums about this. It looks like I am another victim of the cracked right manifold problem on my 2004 4Runner V8. I have just over 84K on it and started hearing the exhaust leak tick a few...
  10. Tucson T4R

    Birth of My Kimberley Karavan

    I sold my Kimberley Kamper and it's off to a good home and new adventures. Now it's time to build it's replacement, a hard sided Kimberley Karavan. :wings: The Kimberley Karavan X Series details can be seen here: Kimberley Karavan X Series The build should be completed by the end of May...
  11. Tucson T4R

    New PC Built for Photo Processing

    My home PC bit the dust a couple weeks ago and was too down level to waste $$ on repairing it so I started researching what my replacement system would be with primary goal to have the power and drive flexibility to support lots of photo processing and storage. I got lucky and stumbled across a...
  12. Tucson T4R

    Where did the thread on camera remotes go?

    I just posted to the thread on camera remote shutter releases and now it appears to be gone?? What's up with that?
  13. Tucson T4R

    Sold - 2006 Kimberley Kamper trailer

    Sold on 4/26/2011 :wings: The time has come to find my baby a new home. We are upgrading to a new hard sided Kimberley Karavan so I am now selling my current KK trailer set up. For photos and details on the electrical upgrades I have done check out this thread: Brad's Consolidated King...
  14. Tucson T4R

    Gotta love extended warranties

    I have a 2004 4Runner with a little over 77K miles on it. My extended warranty ends in May of this year so I asked the dealer to go over everything with a fine tooth comb to find anything the warranty would cover before it runs out. They found the lower control arm bushing were worn and...
  15. Tucson T4R

    My tale of new toy woe.

    This is more of a whine session but since it's photo equipment related I thought more folks would appreciate this here in this section. Yesterday my new Canon 7D and a 580EX II Speedlight was delivered.:wings: Today I had the camera with flash attached connected to my laptop while I was...
  16. Tucson T4R

    SOLD - Canon 50D camera body with 4GB CF & 4 batteries

    Sold on 3/11/11 I'm selling my Canon 50D body only with all original packaging, software, manuals, strap, cables & battery charger. Also included is one Sandisk Ultra II 4GB CF card and 4 Canon batteries. The box refers to a 50D kit with lens but I bought this used in early 2009 and only...
  17. Tucson T4R

    Aravaipa Canyon - Arizona

    Here are few I got last week along the Aravaipa creek in SE Arizona. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. And a family of Javelina grazing along the creek 7.
  18. Tucson T4R

    A Few Hummers from the Desert Museum

    I did some shooting at the Tucson Desert Museum yesterday. They have a Humming bird Avery so it's easier to find willing participants. :D It was a cool morning so many of them were fluffed up to stay warm. 1. 2. 3.
  19. Tucson T4R

    A little KK love :-)

    I sent this image to the CEO for Kimberley Kampers thinking he might enjoy it. I guess he did. LOL Check out the photo now on their main web page: This is the original image I sent. And yes they had my permission to use the image.:wings: Maybe I should...
  20. Tucson T4R

    Pics of my 1938 Greifelt German Stalking Rifle

    I have been doing some online research on this stalking rifle and thought you folks might enjoy taking a look too. :elkgrin: My father brought this back from Germany after WWII. Firearms were being turned in after the war as new town governments were being set up. This rifle was turned in by a...