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    Escape Gear - Tundra Crew Max Seat Covers - Grey - New In Box

    Sold the 2019 Tundra Crew Max TRD Pro after I ordered these. There is a considerable lead time for them Just arrived, New in Bag, never fitted. Grey Canvas, Made in South Africa. These are probably the best seat covers you can buy. Contains: Front and rear seats, Front Center console, Rear Arm...
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    Escape Gear Seat Covers - Toyota Tundra Crew Max - NEW In Box

    So new they are just shipping from South Africa this week - due in shortly. I will ship to you when they arrive. The truck is being sold so these will not be needed. Grey Canvas - Fits front and rear seats and center console. Purchased for a TRD Pro Tundra Never fitted, of course. $500 +...
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    Next Gen Land Cruiser

    I haven't seen much but this warms my heart hearing this... " As for the iconic Land Cruiser, the U.S. model will reportedly be sold only with five seats as a “serious off-roader” without an emphasis on luxury. It will be heavily based on the next Tundra and offered at a significantly lower...
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    **SOLD***AT Horizon Trailer

    Pre-TAAS Torsen Bar Suspension Steel Powder Coated Nose Box 2 Fuel Can Mounts Slide out Partner two-burner Stove w/ 2 Propane bottles (10# Each) Built in Cutting Board on kitchen side Auxiliary 12V Wiring in nose box and main Box with 2 12v sockets, 1 Dual USB - all Blue sea Blue Sea...
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    Defender 110 - Sleeping arrangements

    Trying to get an idea of what has been done before. I have a Defender 110 (classic..) and i Need to keep the rear seats in most of the time and the length with them folded up does work for sleeping (flipped up) but wanted to see others solutions were before i go and build or buy something...
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    Anyone have a Alu-cab Icarus or X-visions-x mounted on a Defender 110

    I was looking for some feedback on quality and pictures of how the sleeping area is in say mixed mode (with direct access to the interior of the truck. I know alucab as a 2nd panel but wanted to get some ideas about how this is setup. Also does anyone have a roll cage installed with a Roof...
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    roof mounted solar panels - which ones to get?

    I am currently running 2 100w cheapo semi flexible panels i had for my camp trailer on the roof of my truck. i am pretty sure they have been damaged due to being stepped on a few times...and the best they put out in full sun at about noon is 107 watts together when wired in parallel. so its time...
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    At horizon cover - anyone have a good solution?

    I need to move the horizon out of the garage for a project truck and need a waterproof cover for it since I keep it packed and ready to go. Any leads would be great, I was thinker no a Jeep cj cover might work but if anyone has done it please let me know. I’d rather not do a full custom deal...
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    Dual Battery systems - choosing between 3

    I am putting in a dual battery system into the D90, mostly to support the fridge but i am considering 3 different systems. I need something that is A) reliable and B) allows a self jump capability since i go places that a far from help and driving a defender the last thing i need is an...
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    Pic request: LR3 + BajaRack + Awning

    Trying to get an idea of how far an awning is going to stick out on my LR3 and if it will stuff into the same width as the Safari snorkel, And keep my problems all on one side. The Rack is a Baja Full Sized Standard Basket Rack on an 07 LR3. If i could get pictures from the front that would...
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    Packing for 6 people

    I have an AT horizon and for "normal" use it's packed for 6 (2 adults and each kid brings a friend) kids in the rtt us on the ground. There is a lot going on here, RV5 for us the parents (cots, pads and bags), shower system (in a wolf) and privy tent, 3 chairs, 2 wolf boxes of food, spares...
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    2005 LR3 HSE - HD Package w/rack, Lift, BFG A/T's $12.5k

    ~134k miles, all service done (only have a verbal from LR Charlotte where it spent 127k of its life) Bonitta grey/tan good clean interior Tow package with hitch, full sized spare (19") Nav package (Updated Nav Disc included) 18"s with 275 bfg a/t's (6k miles on them) K9 Full Roof Rack with...
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    2017/8 Tundra Questions

    I'm seriously considering one - a couple of questions for the collective 1) sliders - which vendors? I saw white knuckle off road makes them, whom else? preferably without drilling and "real" sliders able to support a loaded truck on a jack or a rock. 2) Rear Cabs with dual side doors...
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    Zodi Hot Tap, Shackles, Blue sea Battery switch

    Zodi hot tap shower system - Never used $100 - $20 Shipping = $120 does not include Coleman propane tank when shipped. Strap ~20ft long no manufacturer tag, 2" wide never used $10 - shipping $6 Quality 8 - 3/4th" shackles painted orange mostly Made in China, Korea, and the USA...
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    Q. On wiring a solar controller in

    Some background.... I have a Blue sky 2000e solar controller (its an older unit but lightly used and works fine) My electrical system consists of 2 G31 flooded batteries wired to a Bluesea cutoff combiner switch Off-1-2-both. and a Blue Sea Buss bar which takes the output of the Cutoff...
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    Anyone own a flexo-power setup

    They are local to me, so I am really interested in in (150+ watts foldable), just wanted some outside opinions on it.. I'm going to go down there and talk to them after the holidays. I'm needing to power a Dual G31 deep cycle setup in my trailer.
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    Autohoe Overland (Large) - Question

    Does anyone have a manual they can scan for me? I am wondering about how the Elastic tensioners are setup to help when closing the tent. Overall 2 trip impressions are very positive thanks
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    Is AGM worth it for a trailer?

    I'm shopping batteries - specifically Deep cycle Group 31 AGM is 2-3x more expensive and rated the same (100-105ah) I am going with 2 batteries in my Horizon, and would like an opinion Is AGM worth it? & Why? Charger is a NoCo Gen2 Mini 8amp 65w solar with Blue Sky controller load is...
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    Dual Battery Systems - And a couple of Questions

    OK Gang, I am planning on installing a couple of dual battery systems in my D90 and another simpler system in the AT Horizon. My Questions (then i will get to the planned setup in both) 1. Dual Charger systems, National Luna or something like a T-Max - i am asking due to the disparity in...
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    2005 AT Horizon - Rambler

    I thought i would keep a record of what i am doing with the new (to me) trailer. Some background.... My first trailer was an M101a1 military trailer with a topper, that i painted, added a tongue box and full battery system too, among other things.. once i built it out and actually used it...