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  1. Crikeymike

    Slee Off-road/OME lift.

    The stock height Dobinsons rears are only 220lb spring rate, while the OME lightest spring rate is 260, so you'll definitely feel a difference between them
  2. Crikeymike

    Why so many negative YouTube videos about RTTs?

    The used market for RTT's is pretty big. People buy them, run them for a season and sometimes reconsider keeping them, and then sell them at a loss. In 2020, there was a shortage of them and prices went up a lot, but things have calmed down now. I've had a few RTT's, all soft shells. The...
  3. Crikeymike

    Expedition One 2010+ 4Runner washer bottle relocation kit

    Wow, there's no way you sold your 80 series, right??!! Long term review of this washer bottle relocation kit. I've had it in my 4Runner since 2015 and never had an issue. Money well spent. The washer bottle was left exposed after installing a Shrockworks front bumper.
  4. Crikeymike

    2020 Jeep gladiator rubicon

    Yeah, 2" and 3" rear heavy load options now from Dobinsons. Here are all the Dobinsons rear coil options: C29-229V - 2" Lift with Stock Load up to 220LBS C29-243V - 2" Lift with 440-660LBS Rear End Load C29-245V - 2" Lift with...
  5. Crikeymike

    Slee Off-road/OME lift.

    Dobinsons do have a lot of different coil and height options. Here, you can get stock height replacements, or up to 3.5" of lift. Since you're not looking for a lift, it might be something to consider. Also multiple coil and strut/shock color options to choose from...
  6. Crikeymike

    Titan drawer system

    I checked them out when I was in Australia last month. They're a copy of the Dobinsons-style drawers, but with thinner materials. I'm not sure how thick it is, but the frame steel thickness all around is definitely thinner. They made them look the same, but they cut a lot of costs somewhere...
  7. Crikeymike

    Anyone Running a Dobinsons Sensu Awning

    Currently running a sale on the Sensu and all awnings, as well as Dobinsons fridges and fridge slides for anyone interested.
  8. Crikeymike

    Oztent RV3 tent bag.

    I was going to suggest the same thing, someone that does a lot for marine people could easily make it. Maybe even a furniture upholstery shop could whip up a bag for you.
  9. Crikeymike

    Heat for RTT

    If the RTT has an annex under it, put the Mr Buddy down there, and let the heat rise up into the tent without it risking burning thru anything (support it near the ladder), then vent a window in the tent too. The heat will rise up and warm the wife up, then go out the window and not kill you.
  10. Crikeymike

    2016 Tacoma TRD Offroad Dobinsons Build

    The people have spoken, and they wanted it on Amazon!!! Thanks man.
  11. Crikeymike

    2016 Tacoma TRD Offroad Dobinsons Build

    It's 119 LBS without any lights or accessories in it. Sorry for the very late reply!!
  12. Crikeymike

    Smittybilt 6' Awning

    It has to be fully extended to be used. Poles come out to make it right, in addition to the legs that make it stand up
  13. Crikeymike

    Dobinsons 2016 4Runner Trail Build

    Those were progressive coils in those photos. Running linear coils now.
  14. Crikeymike

    Dobinsons 2016 4Runner Trail Build

    We had the time today to test fit the smaller roller drawer kit we make into the 5th gen today. I knew by all measurements it would fit very well, but it's better than expected. The 4runner floor is nice and flat with everything removed back there, and the drawers slide in and fit on the...
  15. Crikeymike

    Awning/RTT/Roof Rack...???

    Sorry man, they keep screwing with the site and changing the indexing of each page. It's a major pain. Just go here and navigate to the roofridge racks section.
  16. Crikeymike

    Looking for 5" aux lights

    I agree too. Some companies offer amber clip-on covers to their LED's, and that cuts so much light and puts out a good color to help illuminate. Ideally a standard LED light, but at 50% power would work pretty well I think, not that you can simply cut the power by half...
  17. Crikeymike

    Awning Width Normal to Exceed Rack Length?

    I mounted my first awning with brackets from Home Depot too, just had to drill to match the size of the awning channel. Now our awnings come with those brackets, so no time lost there.
  18. Crikeymike

    Thinking about new Subaru Outback...

    I've seen a few people talking about those lifts. How much do they charge for them? I have several friends with stock subi's and they all love them (for the overall mpg), especially the size of the Forester.
  19. Crikeymike

    ARB Jeep TJ/LJ 97-06 bumper on Gen 2.5

    FYI, the Land Cruiser 40 series bumper is almost identical to the ARB TJ bumper, except for brackets behind it. It would probably still be too narrow I'm sure, but there are a few that are pretty simple. When I worked for ARB, the 80 series Land Cruiser bumpers (1990-97 models) were the most...
  20. Crikeymike

    BEHOLD: The Teal Terror, aka, Project 1995 Suzuki Sidekick

    Very nice build man, and awesome photos along the way. That was cool to see, and flashback to my Sidekick days.