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    FJ40 Engine Accessory Brackets? Pics or drawings?

    Hey there Toyota fans! I got a oped into finishing a half-hack-job overhaul of a 1970 FJ40. My friend really wants to keep the original 6 cylinder engine. I believe it is an “F” engine. Someone has really messed up the brackets on the engine to make a horrible power steering conversion, and...
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    Anyone ditched a Max Coupler in favor of a pintle?

    So I love my max coupler for a few characteristics. It is tight, quiet, follows nicely, and articulates like a mad dog. However, it is such a pain to align for connection, and to unload the pin for disconnection (I have no other driver, so it is all solo), that I am thinking I need something...
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    Show off your partner steel in Cali?

    Hi, Recent events have me thinking about takin the dive into a 22” cook partner stove, but with prices approaching the equivalent of an actual kitchen range top, I’m a little wary of buying sight unseen. Anyone in central California or the north side of LA / Ventura county willing to take an...
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    Smittybilt Atlas rear bumper JK - Fresno, CA $500 OBO

    Selling the rear bumper and tire carrier off my JKUR. Smittybilt Atlas, customized to fit with Gobi rack, added ammo box storage, custom vertical hi-lift mount, wiring mount for Mopar 7-pin harness, and rear antenna and brake light mount. Holds 2 Jerry cans, I usually carry 1 gas and 1 water...
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    Theory of Battery Chargers

    Okay, so this is as much fireside chat as anything, because I’m not really making a technical decision, but some of you folks seem pretty technical, and I’ve always wondered: Considering the standard American home garage battery charger, 2A/10A/30 or 50 Jump. There is usually a %Charge gauge...
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    Show your Jerry Can Modifications or Equivalents?

    So I’ve been starting to run low on projects and thinking about new ways to waste my time and money while avoiding the stuff my wife wants done. I realized that a lot of my hard mounting points are designed to accommodate 20L NATO cans. This brings me to ideas of either modifying Jerry cans to...
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    2014 Torque Converter Problems?

    I realize this probably gets much more traction in a JK forum, but I do not have a membership at this time. I'm having a strange transmission issue, it appears to be worsening, and I'm hoping to collect some opinions prior to full-on destruction! 2014 JKUR, 121,000 Miles, Stock Size but 20-30%...
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    Anyone replace a JK key?

    Not sure what happened, but my 2014 JK key fob is destroyed, it appears to be filled with oil or maybe the battery leaked. The circuit board disintegrated. The dealership wants $180 for the part, $180 for the labor, and taxes and whatnot… say $400-450. Amazon has 2 for $32 and I already have...
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    Interesting? RV battery mount?

    I suppose one could always do this to mount a house battery... it probably isn’t stolen or damaged more than once every few weeks.
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    CVT Rainfly Leaks

    Hey all, I have a CVT Denali Summit series that I bought used last summer. Over the winter, I discovered that even in a relatively light rain the fly leaks pretty badly, leading to a huge pool up on the extended cover of the tent. I wasn’t ever able to track it exactly, but it seems that the...
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    Anyone removed an anti-condensation mat?

    I think I’m on my 4th soft shell folder tent. Currently a CVT summit series. This is the first one that has ever had an anti-condensation mat. I always thought I wanted/needed one, and was excited to get this. However, it is ridiculously stiff, keeps the mattress folded annoyingly when...
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    Modifying CVT Annex Connection

    I recently moved into an extended CVT Denali. It is the first tent I’ve owned with an annex. I’m not really a fan of having to pull the travel cover to hang the annex, so I turned it around. This had a few benefits, including rolling the cover up and not removing it for setup, and a much...
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    SOLD - CVT Telescopic Ladder - Thank You

    For sale: 2 CVT Telescopic ladders from a Denali summit series. I swapped them for a different style that I prefer. Nothing wrong with them. I’m not sure of the final height, but at least 8’. $50 each picked up in Fresno, CA, 93727 or you pay the shipping by FedEx or UPS. Thanks for looking.
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    Aluminum side release buckles from strap works?

    Has anyone ever used the aluminum side release buckles from strap works? I’m looking for something robust and UV resistant, for the straps in my RTT cover. I don’t like the cam-style straps it came with, and I’m wondering how well these work. It seems like aluminum won’t release as easily as...
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    Disassemble Telescopic Ladder?

    Has anyone taken apart a basic Telescopic ladder from any manufacturer before? I want the same ladders that Tepui uses. They have a few useful features, but I haven’t found them anywhere, and Tepui has been out of stock for a long time. so: 1) Do you know what actual manufacturer or brand of...
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    3500 lb trailer wheel setup for toyota - Fresno CA

    I have 2 wheel / tire / spacer / hub-drums with a Toyota bolt pattern for 3500 lb number 84 spindle and 10 x 2-1/4” electric brakes. This is not a complete axle, hub-drums to wheel only. If you want to run Tacoma wheels on any 3500 lb trailer axle, this should have what you need. This was on...
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    Mopar JK Big Brake Kit Regrets?

    Time has come for a second brake job on my 2014 JKU, including new rotors up front. That gets me about 1/2 way to the cost of the mopar BBK, and I’m thinking about jumping up there. Has anyone done that and regretted it? I’m stock but heavy, and starting to pull a trailer more often.
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    Scan Tools?

    For a lot of years I’ve used Auto Enginuity, as I needed the enhanced ford coverage for my F250. That truck is now sold, and my JK is hitting the age where scan tool coverage is something I need again. I could re-up the Auto Enginuity, but Inthink it is time to see what else is out there and...
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    99 Vortec 5.7 ... stupidity problem

    Hey all: I’m suffering from a possible case of cranial-rectal-insertion. Maybe you can help me out? About a year ago I took apart a 99 Suburban with a 5.7 Vortec. Now I’m trying to get it back on the road and can’t seem to properly place the wiring harness brackets that appear to bolt to the...
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    Gauging Interest Series II 88” Project?

    So, certain levels of domestic terrorism are pressuring me to consider selling some of my treasures. I should have avoided wedding cake. This probably isn’t the best marketplace, but I don’t want to join a bunch of forums for nothing. Is anyone interested in a huge pile of parts that can...