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  1. Toasty

    1990 Montero V8 project

    One of the byproducts of the V8 swap on my '98 was a surplus drivetrain that I picked up just for the rear sump oil pan (1999 SC400 donor). Unfortunately as it turned out I needed a rear sump pan from a GX470 🙄. What to do with a spare drivetrain? Sometime later I heard that a good friend was...
  2. Toasty

    Sierra Challenge 2020

    So we wrapped it up early but we had a good time on the ONE trail we did. Barrett Lake. Here are some pictures
  3. Toasty

    UCA bushing removal video

    I know it's a terrible video but i hope it can help some of you guys, we'll get better at these. Maybe. I'll try to make the install video better 😅
  4. Toasty

    Ball joint, tie rod and CV removal video

    I teach Mauk how to take care of business.
  5. Toasty

    SAS info and parts thread

    . A number of you have asked for my parts list and a total cost estimate, I did all my own labor so that's a variable you'll have to figure out yourself if you're not DIY'ing. So as to not totally derail my build thread, this will serve for Q&A on the swap for those of you looking to up the...
  6. Toasty

    Toasty's '98 Montero Build

    I picked up a 1998 Base Model last Saturday, no sunroof, cloth seats and white single stage paint. A few dents but in otherwise good condition except the engine which is badly seized. The plan is for a more street friendly machine that still knows how to party off-road. PA_JERO and I tried to...
  7. Toasty

    Overland Expo West 2019

    Who is all going this year from the Mitsu group? Us locals will be in the usual spot camping and going to the Expo at random.
  8. Toasty

    IFS blowout sale!

    I'll regret this later... and i know there is a for sale section but this is Montero stuff. With the SAS looming it's time to let go of my spares and let you guys start calling dibs on the parts still on my truck. Here is the list of the loose parts, all this stuff is serviceable or i wouldn't...
  9. Toasty

    Toasty's Garage

    I've decided to stop cluttering my build threads with all the random friends things I'm also working on. So I'll post up my non build thread stuff here for my entertainment. Today i upped PA_JERO's cooling game, i put a temp sensor in his crossover pipe and trans pan. Now he can monitor his...
  10. Toasty

    Thinking about buying a '97 Rangie

    These things don't seem to be getting much love, i found one that really deserves a second chance. Are they worth fixing up to resell? I rehab Mitsu 4x4's typically and some Landcruisers but lately I've been looking at Landys and a few other bastards of offroad goodness to broaden my horizons. I...
  11. Toasty

    Sierra Nevada Challenge 2018 *NOW with 20% more pictures!*

    Kicked this thing off yesterday, we're making it so far. Little snags like an exploded Optima Red but the #Lloyding has been off the chain!
  12. Toasty

    Gear comparison video (Wheeling!)

    Here's another crawler gear video, same obstacle from two angles, both trucks have front and rear lockers, 35's and about the same amount of lift. Obviously my truck (the blue one) has crawler gears. It really shows how much control you gain with gears and that you break traction less which...
  13. Toasty

    Front shock Instructional video

    Here's my first attempt at an install vodeo, i plan to document the whole build of my 1991 but I've already done some work and forgot to make videos. Let me know what you dudes think, i figured front shocks were a good place to start because that's one of the things i get asked about most.
  14. Toasty

    Got a Gen 1 LWB, what now?

    Well, a couple months ago I got a 1991 Montero RS with 111k miles. It's pretty nice but needs a suspension rebuild and some minor body work, the interior is decent as well. Overall it's borderline between doing a tasteful resto or destroying it with modifications. I'll be documenting this build...
  15. Toasty

    Wheeling video part meh.

    Not sure anyone really likes these videos BUT i need to practice before the Sierras. I want to make a really good quality video so please give me some feedback. Most of the videos i have up are shot with my phone, i will be switching to my gopro as soon as i get one of those glide camera...
  16. Toasty

    Montero wheeling videos

    Finally getting my video collection uploaded. Some are pretty clunky but I'll get better at this, i have lots of hours of videos to edit and upload. Practice makes perfect. Any shooting or editing tips are greatly appreciated.
  17. Toasty

    My Montero on Natgeo

    I loaned my 2005 to Richard Rasmussen this past summer to use on his nature show. The closed captions are hilarious as they try to make english but they got some real nice shots of my Montero driving around. Watch for my Adventure Driven Design patch on the headliner!
  18. Toasty

    Gen 3 trans skid install

    Made a little skid plate to protect my transmission pan, i figured since i protected the front diff and axle disconnect i should protect the other vitals as well. Just had to line up the new plate with the factory front holes to mark the locations for the rears. Carefully drilling so as not to...
  19. Toasty

    Making skid plates for my Gen 2

    So after a bunch of years with my battered heavy gauge steel skid plates on my Gen 2 I have decide to shave weight and go to stainless steel skid plates. With the stainless being more resilient than steel I can afford to run a lighter skidplate without sacrificing the protection I need. I want a...
  20. Toasty

    Making Skid plates for my Gen 3

    _ SO you guys may remember my skidplate build to replace the plastic one on my truck. Well I started on the skid plate for the transmission today, I was out camping a couple weeks ago and while I was parking I managed to uproot a large boulder somehow. I didn't even see the thing, I was in a...