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  1. articulate

    For Sale: Roof Top Tent Hannibal 1.6 with lower annex room tent

    For Sale, $600: Hannibal Roof Top Tent RTT 1.6m size with Jumbo lower room annex Location: Chandler, AZ Description: The Hannibal RTT is a flip-open style tent made with a marine-grade plywood platform "base" and ripstop canvas tent with ripstop nylon rain fly. 1.6m size, approx: Opened 5'...
  2. articulate

    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    If you're a roof top tent owner, I'm sure you've run into more than a few things that you wanted to improve. My main complaint was that it felt so odd having this nice tent that cost me nearly $2k and I had to illuminate it with a flashlight or headlamp. Know what I mean? So I installed...
  3. articulate

    Top Reasons Why Your Wife/Girlfriend or Family Do Not Go On Trips with You?

    I'd post a poll with prescribed answers, but I don't think that would do the trick for getting down to it. So. If you have others in your life and they don't go on trips with you, why not? What are their reasons? Does it matter to you?
  4. articulate

    How to Waterproof a Nylon Tent Fly?

    If you had an old tent rain fly that no longer shed water very well, what waterproofing product would you use? REI has several: So does West Marine: I'm looking for some front line advice here. What have you used with success on...
  5. articulate

    Oh, An Adventure We Had: Utah Backroads from Lockhart Basin and Beef Basin

    Beef Basin, Utah by, on Flickr You know how Mineral Bottom Road got washed out in August? I had a White Rim trip planned for the week after Labor Day, as 4 colleagues from Iowa and Illinois asked my dad and I to take them on a trip through southern Utah. Canyonlands called...
  6. articulate

    Swiss Style Organization for Expeditiony Chic Overlanders . . .

    3cy3gKwirLk Frankly, this is really a nice idea. I just read about it at Watch the video, because that explains it all. I love how it's way beyond just some cool bins and Storm Cases. Not...
  7. articulate

    Father and Son Photographers - An Interview with ExPo's Photoman

    Ever since I saw Photoman's pictures from his Northern AZ trip (thread with pics) I wanted to know more about him. He and his buddy took the kids out for an epic trip, I thought. Hiking the lava cave, trekking slot canyons, jumping on sand dunes and relaxing on Alstrom Point, and he manages to...
  8. articulate

    Interviewing Families: Meet the Woods, Their Kids, and Their (Her) Jeep

    In my quest to talk to families who "do this stuff," I'm finding some really fun parents, bright kids, and impressive stories. Check this out: Meet The Woods Clan: 15 Questions for an Infectiously Fun Family You know Nathan as nwoods, and he posts some fantastic photos. What you might not...
  9. articulate

    DVD Players for the Kids: What Kind of Rules Do You Set?

    A little research here.... so please share. Do you have a DVD player of any kind for your kids to watch movies while you're road bound? If so, what kinds of rules do you set? Or do you set no rules at all and just let that thing play movies from driveway to campsite? How well do your kids...
  10. articulate

    Servicing Your Fridge Freezer

    I'm in need of some beta for servicing my Engel fridge. It's having a harder time keeping cool. What routine maintenance should I be performing? Adding refrigerant? Something else? Who knows of some how-to resources for maintenance and service on an Engel (or similar) fridge? Cheers, Mark
  11. articulate

    The Shoe For Overlanding Women? Cast Your Vote

    Okay, guess what the price tag is on these shoes? It takes the whole "snobby" thing to a new level. $75? $150? No. They're much more than that. Now, I have to say, I see some practicality here. Some. :coffeedrink:
  12. articulate

    Interviewing Adventure Families: Meet the Moody's

    I'm working on a series of "Adventure Parents" interviews with different families who like to travel together despite the challenges of doing so. It's kind of cool because it'll help inspire us all, and it'll also share trip ideas and other tips. So! My first round in the ring was with Roger &...
  13. articulate

    FS: Jeep TJ Rack (Olympic Mountaineer) $50

    Jeep TJ Mountaineer Rack (fits 1997 through 2006) Price: $50 (they're $200 new) Location: Chandler, AZ Will ship at buyers expense One cool rack! We used this baby for years and loved it; a real baby who's now a toddler replaced this one, that's why I can't use it any longer :). The rack...
  14. articulate

    FS: BajaRack Mule (used)

    Here you go, a used BajaRack Mule (48" long, 39" wide). Location: Chandler, AZ 85225 Price: $175 I've had it since January 2009, and we used it on top of our truck for holding Storm Cases. I never used the supplied brackets, so that hardware is flawless and perfect still (although for one of...
  15. articulate

    Used Eezi-Awn Roof Top Tent 1200

    $950 – Chandler, AZ – Will ship I'm selling our well loved Eezi-Awn 1200 tent. Given the number of nights we've spent in it (103), it's in fantastic shape. The zippers are still perfect, the buckles still going strong, the fly is flawless, all the seams are just fine, the hinges are in perfect...
  16. articulate

    FS: Used OME N85 Nitrocharger Shocks

    These babies have 34,000 miles on them. The Old Man Emu n85 is typically a Tacoma and 4Runner application, but they worked for my Frontier as well. The paint's been worn off on some sections from use on dirt roads (in case that's not totally obvious). They've got some miles in 'em yet, and...
  17. articulate

    Nissan Resource: Over the course of my Frontier ownership, I've come to love this website. I'm not 100% certain by whom it's operated/owned, but the forums have several astute guys/gals who appear to be factory trained techs and who are quite helpful. Got a trouble code? Look it up in the...
  18. articulate

    Camp Cocktail Table: Hand Crafted and Dual Purpose

    Okay, so this camp cocktail table has another purpose; a kid's eating place. I was camped with Wil and his little family, as well as my wife and daughter, over New Years Eve. Wil whipped out this little camp table by GCI that was absolutely perfect for kids. Only about 20" tall, maybe less...
  19. articulate

    Why I Don't Get Along with Histograms: Post Processing Part II

    I'm hashing some stuff out lately about the post-processing thread. Real quick, let's set the stage: Point of Enlightenment #1: Point of Enlightenment #2: Though I could talk about kids, other people's kids, some people's kids, and most people who aren't around, here's a post processed...
  20. articulate

    Show Your Ironic Photos

    Every photo has a story. Can you do it? Can you let the photo do the telling, rather than telling a story with a photo to accompany? The theme I'm looking for is "Irony." Capture something that just says, "Ironic?" Share it here. :smiley_drive: