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    5 gal water bottles

    Sorry I'm a little late on a response, concerning Water Tanks & Mounting Brackets. Hope this helps! 20 Liter Steel Water Tanks - LINK Mounting Brackets - LINK
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    Power From Water - Available Now!

    New Product - Power From Water Brunton® Hydrogen Reactor ™ Brunton® H20-Hydrolizer™ Brunton® HydroCore™
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    Snow Peak Dutch Oven -- Opinions?

    Partner Steel Dutch Ovens is a Option, you might want to consider!
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Here is a few pic's of our Jeep! Alan [UNI]
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    Post your Jeep Camping Pictures!

    Profdlp, Thank You for the kind words, we've had good luck with the Tentrax. If you get a chance to watch the video, around the 4:30 minute mark you will see where Richland Creek had about a 50 Acre Land Slide. They had the Forest Road closed for about 2 years, what you see, is what it is...
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    Post your Jeep Camping Pictures!

    Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Ozark National Forest
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    two person cot? does it exist?

    Reply to the thread: two person cot? does it exist? Kamp-Rite Double Kwik Cot Kamp-Rite Self Inflating Pads Grizzly ® +0º 2-Person Canvas Sleeping Bag Amana Wool Blankets Grizzly® Big Pillow Hope this helps! Alan [UNI]
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    anyone have any pics/ideas for mounting portable generator?

    Generator Mount We have a 2" receiver on the back of our trailer, we had a tray welded up that holds a Yamaha 1000 Generator. The generator stays on the tray, slide the tray off and set it in place, away from the trailer. We had legs added to the tray, so if it rained or the ground was muddy...
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    Corey, No problem, let me see if I can take some close up picture's from underneath the trailer, to show how I bolted up the Fuel/Water can holder to the tray/box. I'll get the Roto-Pax brackets too. Alan
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    Rock-Eater, Congrat's on the Tentrax trailer, they are a great trailer. Your going to like dealing with George over at Tentrax, he's a great guy! Here is our Tentrax: UNI
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    Ddirtdobberoffroad, I sent you a PM! Alan [UNI]

    Ddirtdobberoffroad, I sent you a PM! Alan [UNI]
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    Xndrxw, I sent you a PM UNI

    Xndrxw, I sent you a PM UNI
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    JK Roof Rack

    Codename607, I have not heard of Garvin having any problems with cracking at the body mounting points. I've had two Jeeps racked out with Garvin Wilderness/G2 products and have had NO problems at all. I'd highly recommend Garvin! UNI :coffee:
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    Jon, If you decide to move your frig/freezer to the tongue, I would make sure to get a padded frig cover. The batteries and frig/freezer do get dusty, but its really not that hard to clean them up. The frige cover takes most of the dirt, I take the fridge off when washing the trailer and the...
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    Which propane camping fire

    STREGA, I do the same with packing work gloves, another thing I pack along is a cheap dustpan brush. That carbon build up, brushes right off the logs. Alan [UNI]
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    Roof Basket Net

    I don't know, but that's a good idea.
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    Which propane camping fire

    Corey, Good job on the test videos! That Campfire In A Can is a great product. Alan [UNI]
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    Is anyone running 16" or 17" Alloy wheels and skinny 33's?

    I prefer the skinny look as well, we have 18" wheels w/ P255/70R18 - 32.1 Tall x 10 Wide Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2 Tires
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    water storage on a jeep wrangler

    We haul our water cans on our trailer, but we could haul them where we have these fuel cans.
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    Roof Basket Net

    + 1 On Raingler Cargo Nets, Great Product! Raingler will custom make a net to fit your roof rack.