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  1. Overdrive

    1985 Blazer with Hallmark camper Yeah, it's overpriced...but what's new. I saw a similar rig pre-covid that took a few weeks to sell at $10K.
  2. Overdrive

    2006 F450 Hot Shot Crew box

    This would make a great RV--my aching lower back would like the full-height entry door.(y) Yay, a floor-shift transfer case and manual trans.
  3. Overdrive

    1998 Ram 3500 V-10 Utility bed/camper

    No affiliation.
  4. Overdrive

    1989 Bronco with pop up camper

    No affiliation...
  5. Overdrive

    1979 Ford ambulance 4x4

    Needs engine. Looks to be rust free. Fair price of $1,500.
  6. Overdrive

    1990 Sportsmobile

    It would be neat to restore this.
  7. Overdrive

    Late model Ford SuperCabs: Do the doors creak?

    Kicking around the idea of a new 3/4 or 1 ton truck and I really like the size of Ford's SuperCab. It's just the wife and I and maybe a dog, so don't need/want the crew cab...would like to keep the wheelbase, considering SC SB. We had an '01 Dodge QC SB, which had the same type...
  8. Overdrive

    "New" 1990 Chevy Military Ambulance

    No affiliation. Only 454 miles! 6.2 Diesel, 4x4. Would make a great camper!
  9. Overdrive

    Post your sunrays!

    I'll start, with a couple shots from yesterday: Post 'em if you got 'em!
  10. Overdrive

    1990 K5 Blazer -- 4 cyl Cummins

    No Affiliation. On Craigslist.
  11. Overdrive

    The shoe fits but what caused the blister?

    I know we have at least one expert shoe fitter on here... I recently purchased a pair of Danner Hiker Light II hiking boots. Size 13 since they don't make 1/2 sizes after 12. Width B. They fit like a glove. Feel better than any thing else I've had (I haven't splurged before on quality...
  12. Overdrive

    Mac vs. PC for image editing

    Pardon my ignorance, but I have not kept up with the latest/greatest when it comes to computers and software. Surfing for answers makes my head spin due to all the trademarked names talked about that I have no idea what they are best at or capable of, or even if they would apply to my needs. I...
  13. Overdrive

    Humorous ad for this '81 Series III- Perkins diesel

    If you like Series vehicles and have a few minutes, read this ad on ebay for a good chuckle. :elkgrin: Sample, from the Q&A: Q: Greetings! You must have bought this Landy from...
  14. Overdrive

    ebay: 1985 FJ60, Park City, UT $2,000

    No affiliation. This looks like it would make a good starting platform for somebody. OME suspension and Warn hubs and a few other goodies...
  15. Overdrive

    1995 Defender 90, $13500, Phoenix

    The catch is that it suffered a light engine fire when the oil cooler line broke. I found this on No affiliation. I just thought it would be a really nice project for someone to build lots of sweat equity in a D90, since they usually sell for $30-$40K. Look it up on...
  16. Overdrive

    1967 Unimog 404 Doka

    I didn't know they made double cabs in the 404, but here's one on ebay. What a great platform it would be. A little pricey, though: $16K and still Reserve Not Met.
  17. Overdrive

    OZTENT Sale: 25% off

    Sorry for the short notice, but I sent away for OZ Tent's brochure & DVD, and just received it. With it is a price list featuring a 25% off sale, good only thru Oct 31. I called and spoke with the US distributor about any extension on the sale price, and he was wondering why I was waiting to...
  18. Overdrive

    Did FWC ever make...

    one to fit the early Blazers...the ones with the fully removeable roof? It would be nice to have the stand-up room over the driver's and passenger's seats. Like they did for the Scout... Imagine a first-gen Blazer with a FWC...:drool: Scott
  19. Overdrive

    Differences between 55 and 60/62 series?

    Just curious...been reading here and there, and it seems that the 60/62 is considered to be Toyota's ultimate expedition-capable vehicle (or maybe the 80 series, but I want to focus on the 55-60's). So, my question is, why is the 55 series not-so-good in comparison? What are the driveline...
  20. Overdrive

    Passed exam, along with a 6-year old girl.

    Woo hoo, I passed!!! There was a girl testing tonight as well that just turned 6 years old! It was actually her second attempt, she missed it by one the first time... when she was 5. So the pressure was really on for me to pass. If I failed, there was no way I was going to tell my wife that...