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    Convert a flatbed car hauler to enclosed camper?

    While you re-evaluate, consider this; you said weight wasn't a problem, but it is, MPG, mountain climbs, even hill climbs in the Ozarks, dissents down grades can get hairy, tires, wheel bearings, axel/suspension are all influenced by weight, not to mention wear and tear on your tow vehicle even...
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    Death Valley 2022

    Fantastic photos, thank you! Gotta ask, what kind of camera are you using, lens, etc. that doesn't look like a camera phone pic!
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    No matter what happens in a Rally, you don’t abandon your teammate.

    There's a lot to picking the right team mate. My first wife did that several times, then I left her. My second wife hearing what happened never got out to walk away.
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    Rear Bumper w/ Swingout Tire Carrier for F150... Why doesn't this exist!?!?

    Just got this. I'll be using part of it to hang stuff off the F-150. ECOTRIC Pick Up Truck SUV Bed Hitch Mount Extender Extension Rack Lumber Ladder Canoe Boat Kayak Long Pipes w/Flag 750lbs : Automotive It's actually pretty heavy stock, I couldn't buy the materials and weld it for...
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    Oklahoma K Trail East 2022 (Kiamichi Trail)

    That OK mud always reminds me of what you find in a dirty diaper. Have FUN!
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    SOS - broken down near SLC with ‘99 F250 and hardwall camper. Recommendations?

    Sorry to hear of your trouble, but at least you're out there, I'm stuck at home this weekend.
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    BLM Accepting Comments on E Bike Use on Public Trails but only thru June 9th

    I suppose those who think any motorized contraption shouldn't be on a trail are those who have not yet met the limitations of age and maturity. I can see the issue with a 14 year old riding an e bike like a bat out of h*ll, in fact, I got several speeding tickets on my bike as a teen. Cops...
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    BLM Accepting Comments on E Bike Use on Public Trails but only thru June 9th

    Kinda old, but anyway.... My understanding is an E Moped is in a motorcycle class over 1hp (750watts), I would agree a motorcycle shouldn't be in traffic with bicycles. I was a nationally ranked bicycle road racer, nothing ticked me more than the motorcycle escort dude getting in my way. Now...
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    Tiny, Think Real Small

    Nice, but three disappointing aspects, IMO. Top speed 100KM is 62MPH, just a bit faster to keep up in traffic. The other, I'd rather see a longer box for the camper. Having that slideout the back for the bed isn't impressive to me, it appears to be a soft sided or canvas tent extension. Not...
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    Kit Cars Are Back..

    Thanks, I guess I'm not firing on all cylinders this morning.
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    Kit Cars Are Back..

    Check this out! 1951 Chevrolet Pickup Truck Electric Conversion, 5 Years and 25,000 miles later | EV Show - YouTube
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    Well, that went nowhere.....

    I recall Musk pledged Tesla stock as security for Twitter, at the time of the encumbrance on the stock the truck was a viable asset from R&D on the books. Musk has been getting cold feet about opening his big money mouth to buy Twitter, it looks like Musk is trying to squirm out of a deal...
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    Kit Cars Are Back..

    @ITTOG OK, but I've always avoided buying gas in OK because it's usually higher than MO. I can gas up in Joplin and make it to Dallas. Reg. is $4.35 today here. Reg. varied from last year around $2.69 to 2.90, we didn't bust $3.00 until after Feb 28th thanks to Russia. Which takes be to the...
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    Kit Cars Are Back..

    LOL, no, don't get on the doomsday wagon. Glad to hear history repeats itself where you are, no so much in my area. Not sure what "pretty close" is, we will be happy if we ever see sub $3.00 a gallon here for regular, pretty sure we can kiss $2.69 or less goodbye in SW Mo. We will see. Oil...
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    Well, that went nowhere.....

    Only read the first post and had something to say.......conversions to electric are going to take off. Take your existing old Genny and electrify it, you don't need to buy a new one, just convert it!
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    Kit Cars Are Back..

    Very cool, I had a VW Meyers way back in the day, oh, about 50 years ago. Had no idea they were still on planet earth. I'm considering the kit car electrics, in another 10'15 years you may not want to buy a gallon of gas. You really think gas prices will come back down to 2.69 a gallon? Dream...
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    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    I prefer Yuban, I just put three scoops in my Bonsenkitchen Coffee maker, it's electric, and I'll make 10 cups for the morning. Nothing special, it's just coffee, no drama, no sir charge for premium caffeine, it's just good coffee. Brews in about 5 minutes, no big deal, don't have to start a...
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    Plug and Play

    I'll bite, where did you go with the Eco Flow? What did you sign up for, I just saw their web site. The Eco Flow was my second choice, I went with the Bluetti 2000 watt set.