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    Yaesu HT not working with repeaters

    See if this gets you up and running:
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    Effective - But Not Efficient - Knot for Slippery Synthetic Line

    Have used a double or triple fishermans' for so many years climbing, I use it most of the time I join two ropes together. Easy to tie and have never had a rope fail at the knot. The only downside is that they can be tough to untie after being heavily loaded.
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    PULLMAN SEATS,, remember these

    Simple and functional... maybe society will return there one day.
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    Help: Carli/Deaver Rear Springs 06 Ram

    Have you contacted Carli directly, or is this all through your "trusted advisor" or distributor?
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    285/70R17 or similar "33 inch" pure winter tire

    General Grabber A/TX is available in that size. I run them studded on a couple of trucks during the winter and they are excellent performers and wear well.
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    GMRS Antenna Wire Length and Position Question

    Check out the Comet Deluxe mobile assemblies, such as the CK-3NMO Deluxe (there are other lengths and connectors available in the line, as well). They splice a short section of 1.5D-QEFV, which is very similar to RG-174, onto 3.5D-QEFV, which is a lower-loss cable than RG-58 but handles...
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    GMRS Antenna Wire Length and Position Question

    He's just breaking down the losses on high-loss cable like RG-174 to show how much power the antenna is actually seeing. By using a lower-loss cable, you will more efficiently and effectively utilize the power that your transmitter/transceiver is capable of.
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    GMRS Antenna Wire Length and Position Question

    No issue with the extra wire coiled up, in general. I generally just cut to length and re-solder the connector where it's needed.. Putting a Ferrite (Toroid) around the loop can help suppress RF. Mix 61 is good.
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    One ton truck Suspension modifications for camper

    Having been through a few ¾- and 1-ton rigs of varying weight, I will say that quality shocks should be number one on your list. Kings from Carli or Thuren is a good direction. It doesn't sound like you are over-loading your spring pack, but it's tough to say without driving your rig the way you...
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    2016 Tacoma Build and Shenanigans

    Nice build. The FWC will feel tiny compared to the habitat. They are heavier than listed, and feel smaller inside than the bed. I wouldn't consider a tacoma-sized FWC for more than two people. It's hard to grasp at the moment, but your kid is going to get bigger and bigger and require more...
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    winter tires when I live where it snows a lot but also plan to go to the desert?

    I live in the mountains where it snows a lot, and my primary travel destinations are desert areas. The best "all around" tire I have run is the Falken Widlpeak AT3. No AT tire will be as good as a dedicated winter tire. The Wildpeaks are definitely better than KO2s, which are terrible, and...
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    2014 GMC Sierra Crew Cab Roof Rack

    KC Hilites makes one.
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    Seeking a front Sway Bar for Chevy Kodiak 5500, 4x4.

    Ridetech in Indiana is also worth a try.
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    Shaking at 70+ mph

    You say vibration at 35-60, but is that only under acceleration, or also when you're coasting at those speeds? You also say it isn't noticeable when cold... The movement in the engine mount on the passenger side is worth taking care of. It's not difficult or expensive.
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    What is the base vehicle for a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed?

    You will be over-weight on a Tundra. Look at a 3/4-ton, minimum. A 1-ton (350/3500) doesn't cost much more, gets about the same mileage, and does the work *more* safely and with less strain on the truck.
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    FWC; Turnbuckle suggestions? Factory buckles are a joke.

    I switched over to the Torklift Derringer handles with ½" stainless shoulder eye bolts a couple of years ago. They don't loosen, are easy and fast to take on and off without needing to adjust, and are incredibly strong.