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  1. TurboChris

    Extremely rough ride 5100 Bistein struts on my 3” lifted Gen 2 Xterra. Help please.

    3" spacers are way to big. I have the 5100's. At first I moved the clip up to one or two from max, it yielded about a 3" lift but it was SO rough I couldn't stand it. So I adjusted it one from the bottom for height and then installed a 2" spacer. It gives me a true 3 inch lift and a comfortable...
  2. TurboChris

    Three Generations in Death Valley.

    Wow, as nice a trip report as I've ever seen. Thanks!
  3. TurboChris

    Sam's Club Pelican Look Alikes

    For those using a case with the pelican style "Pick n Pluck" foam......check out the uTube videos where people use the Plasti-Dip spray to strengthen them. I did a couple and it really does make it better....Not as good as say.....custom closed cell foam but for the price and effort...
  4. TurboChris

    ARB RTT Floor cracking?

    Did you ever get an answer to this? A RTT this new having the floor crack is a disturbing occurrence. Hoping you got taken care of.
  5. TurboChris

    *SOLD*My Custom 98 4x4 Suburban on eBay *SOLD*

    Thanks! I appreciate the kind comments!
  6. TurboChris

    *SOLD*My Custom 98 4x4 Suburban on eBay *SOLD*

    Well, It seems for the most part my camping days are least until I retire. That's in 5ish years and my plan now is to relocate to the Dallas area near my brother. Then it's ON. Prior to this I had a 01 F250 Crew Cab Diesel with about 8" of lift and 38's. While the Suburban is...
  7. TurboChris

    post your Suburban pics

    Mine is up on ebay for anyone who's interested.....
  8. TurboChris

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Here's a recent one of me offroading in front of my house....
  9. TurboChris

    2000 Suburban K1500 budget low lift with 37"s

    How did I miss this thread? lol. Well done Crazy!
  10. TurboChris

    *SOLD*My Custom 98 4x4 Suburban on eBay *SOLD*

    A couple of pics from a few years back and the last one from last weekend.
  11. TurboChris

    *SOLD*My Custom 98 4x4 Suburban on eBay *SOLD*

    Here's the auction ad. I about wrote a novel in the listing. Low mileage, two owner, heavily modified, big block Suburban For Sale. Hit me up at if you have any questions...
  12. TurboChris

    For those that carry Guns and Overlanding

    If you found yourself in need of a firearm.....but had made the choice not to bring one.... then IMO yes, you would qualify as having been unprepared. I don't keep insurance on my health, auto,home and possessions and a fire extinguishers in the garage because I'm expecting a accident, fire...
  13. TurboChris

    DIY Propane Firepit

    Great write up and Idea. Thanks OP!
  14. TurboChris

    Power tank vs Puma Compressor vs ARB Twin vs ARB Twin kit Test Results

    For those that want a portable tank but don't wanna spend the bucks for a Powertank consider "The Source" air tank. I've had one for 5-6 years and it's been great. Just over $200 for the base model.
  15. TurboChris

    Ramsey Winch Troubleshooting

    He's not the newbie here....YOU are. And YES your post came off douchey. I have no problem with the OP coming on here asking for help. And OP, if you haven't figured it out by Ramsey, I had to trouble shoot a REP 9000 back in the day and they were very helpful over the phone.
  16. TurboChris

    1999 Chevy Suburban K2500

    Beautiful 99, I love my 98! I'm kind of a pac rat....after owning this thing for 10 years....I just can't hardly imagine going camping in anything smaller, it wouldn't hold all my stuff!
  17. TurboChris

    Who made this? Or is it custom.......

    Well, it was a CA license plate for sure.......looked great in person.