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  1. schmugboy

    Utility/Cargo Trailer that won't fall apart off road

    For the non-mechanical type. Why is a welded frame important, wouldn't welds fatigue over time. Versus a bolt together type where you could replace bolts. I'm sure there is a nuisance I'm missing. Also back to the original Post, who are the most likely manufacturers that someone that is not...
  2. schmugboy

    Truck Camper that Sleeps 4?

    This may or may not help. My wife's family put the kids outside in a tent(s) (4 girls). But if you want everyone in an enclosed/protected space, we have two boys, and since my wife is the smallest she sleeps on the gaucho and dudes in the overhead. Now my boys have become man-sized so looking...
  3. schmugboy

    FWC shell builds

    This may be a little off topic, but once you add the shelving and other items, how much weight does this add. Do you know the difference or what the total weight is? The reason I ask is I'm considering "Lightening" mine. It's listed at 1243ish, but the scales say it's closer to 1400lbs. Not...
  4. schmugboy

    Wanted: Sun-lite pop up/folding truck camper manuals or brochures.

    I have some for my 97/98 Sun-Lite sportsman. I uploaded some details from my stuff on a build post that I've been doing slowly. If you can be more specific or look through what I posted, I'm sure I cam DM you or post more scans to my previous post.
  5. schmugboy


    Thanks for the updates. My 2016 Ecodiesel WKII is currently waiting for a tone ring (crankshaft sensor). No ETA when parts will arrive (Maybe 3 months was the 1st guess). This was after having the Software updated for the mandated recall and still waiting on the EGR recall. I'm about done...
  6. schmugboy

    How can I lift my Fleetwood Cobalt? (more clearance)

    Nearly a 5 year delayed response. Impressive. Or, you are into interdimensional time travel, in addition to overlanding. BTW I found the discussion interesting even though I don't have a fleetwood, but just a Truck Camper.
  7. schmugboy


    Hopefully this is not out of line. But any word on the 4xe Grand Cherokee version. I would assume it may get better results because of aerodynamics, but the price seems a little steep. I would also assume it may have the same problems/bugs to be worked out.
  8. schmugboy

    4WC - Overrated and overpriced

    I can't believe this post has gathered so many pages of content. All for one person's personal opinion. Which may or may not (but certainly to them) be true. We all carry this opinion on a variety of items we spend money on every day. I think Stan should be commended for giving us the...
  9. schmugboy

    400 watt solar install on Northstar TC800

    Not to be a nagging nelly, and you may have already addressed it and just shown a picture part way through the build. But having loose wires laying on your roof and especially over sharpish brackets without conduit or protection may set yourself up for potential problems in the future as the...
  10. schmugboy

    Roof torn off in high winds

    I would not want to be the person or persons behind this guy when it came off. Talk about needing a change of pants, seeing a roof come flying your way. For some reason the PO(s) of my used camper removed the part of the latch that I could use to secure with a carabiner or lock. Bailing wire...
  11. schmugboy

    Trailer or Demount truck camper

    I have the 5x10 Karavan which lists payload capacity at 2200lbs (GVWR 2990), not sure if I trust that, but I bought it as it would support my camper when moving it around and storing it for the winter. When moving I use ratchet straps. Now while I've pulled more than a few trailers including...
  12. schmugboy

    Campers for small bed (5') trucks

    You are right. I never realized this. I just built a Tacoma and Colorado with the long bed option (~6'), the Ranger long bed option was not available with the supercrew. I think the idea of a used vehicle is appealing, but may be harder to find. However, I need to plan for the day of...
  13. schmugboy

    Campers for small bed (5') trucks

    I'm sorry, could you be more specific, because when I look at the specs of 4 door Tacomas, Rangers, Colorados I only see a 5' bed as an option or are these not considered "midsize". Thanks
  14. schmugboy

    Trailer or Demount truck camper

    So I think I may have made a confusing statement. I was wondering whether mounting my Sun-Lite truck camper on a my utility trailer (Karavan from Home Depot) would be a better option than the demounting hassle in the woods on uneven ground. I'm worried that even though the trailer has a 2k...
  15. schmugboy

    Campers for small bed (5') trucks

    So another issue I've recently encountered is my full size setup gets mighty tight on some of the 4x4 trails I've come across. So I've started looking at smaller trucks. I was hoping to find a 6'+ bed but it seems these are only on extended cab trucks and with two growing sons that are as big...
  16. schmugboy

    Trailer or Demount truck camper

    So maybe this has been covered before, and maybe this is heresy in this forum. But I've encountered some issues on my last excursions. I am finding some really nice secluded spots for my truck camper, but invariably I end up to far away from a nice fishing, hunting, or hiking spot. I've read...
  17. schmugboy

    Heaters: Comparative data

    I'm sure I could search the forum, but I'll be lazy. Would you replace the propane furnance with a diesel one, or just add it. Not sure how much winter camping I want to do, but I was hoping to use this when my kids go to hockey tournaments, but a hotel is looking much more appealing at the...
  18. schmugboy

    97 Dodge CTD w/ 98 Sun-Lite -- Slow Build - Picture Heavy

    So my "experiment" if it could be called that went as expected. The "Polar Guard" material was marginal at best. It at least kept me from feeling a cold draft from the temperature differential in the overhead versus heater area, and there was no flapping of the canvas from the wind. But...
  19. schmugboy

    97 Dodge CTD w/ 98 Sun-Lite -- Slow Build - Picture Heavy

    Thanks. I'll add that to my spring to do list. I have a blow out valve on order, is there any concern about making sure the entire system (Lines and tank) are totally free of water. This seems like a better altertative if I plan to use it during the transitional time before real winter.
  20. schmugboy

    97 Dodge CTD w/ 98 Sun-Lite -- Slow Build - Picture Heavy

    Last comments and questions before I sign off. Has anyone demounted their camper while boondocking, I am thinking I might give it a try this next time, but a little worried leaving my camper out there by itself while I drive around to fish, hunt or hike. I know most of my posts are not much...