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  1. amenges45

    Charging LiFePO4 with your alternator

    Redarc... Works great. Google them. Awesome product and great support
  2. amenges45

    Biodegradable bags for Jimmy’s Thunderbox Toilet

    Im sure you will find a biodegradable solution. Never heard of this product till I saw your post... Learn something new in this community every time I pop in
  3. amenges45

    Biodegradable bags for Jimmy’s Thunderbox Toilet

    “With proper care, ThunderBox™ will last a lifetime— and then some. Pass it on to future generations to enhance their enjoyment of the Great Outdoors!” Still laughing. "Thanks Dad... This means a lot getting your used toilet"
  4. amenges45

    Easy clean up meals?

    Sorry...I couldn't resist. Seriously, foil packs in fire... Potatoes, onions, peppers and steak bits... Season to taste. Always a pleasure.
  5. amenges45

    Easy clean up meals?

  6. amenges45

    **Off the market for the summer -The Ultimate Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme - Massively Upgraded and Customized.

    Hope you kept it and are still enjoying it. Great job on that caravan!
  7. amenges45

    Ultimate camp shoe?

    30 year old Dr Martens. Been around the world a few times and still comfy
  8. amenges45

    Went and did it!

    Nice find!
  9. amenges45

    What Jack do you carry?

    Vegan recipe books is my second answer
  10. amenges45

    What Jack do you carry?

    You totally stole my answer! Love it!
  11. amenges45

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Ours... in all honesty had a difficult time making it through the track on the right... That's slippery Carolina clay got the best of us but we had a great day wheeling around anyway! My dog loves it!
  12. amenges45

    Expedition Trailer Product Testers Needed!

    I like to smoke in bed... Relaxes me after a night of high speed off road driving while drunk. My pet raccoon I adopted yesterday likes it too. We huff paint together. When is the trailer available?
  13. amenges45

    Quick pitch style vehicle mounted shower enclosures

    Bunducube is what we have... It's bigger
  14. amenges45

    Quick pitch style vehicle mounted shower enclosures

    Bundutec.... love ours
  15. amenges45

    Conqueror feedback

    I would not hesitate. Simply constructed and rugged. Easy to work on. We love ours... All that being said I'm a pretty good mechanic and can fabricate some stuff myself. If you're not handy or somewhat mechanically inclined I don't think any of the trailers built by anyone are really worth...
  16. amenges45

    Black Series HQ21 trailer camper HQ - $89,999 (Chula Vista)

    Essential oils as it turns out really are not essential at all...GLWS
  17. amenges45

    Extreme use Earthroamer

    If you had the money you might not have the worry
  18. amenges45

    Anyone modified their truck camper to fit Dirt Bikes?

    There's some pretty good components available that would make a very robust swing arm that I think could accommodate a 300 lb motorcycle very easily. The part I never wanted to mess with was actually attaching that to the frame similar to your bumper. The other part for us is that we tow a...