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  1. marshal

    2017 RAM 2500 Power Wagon - $50,000 - Louisville KY

    I have decided to sell my PW, and its time for it to go onto its next loving home. This vehicle has crisscrossed the US several times in the name of adventure, and as I write this I know full well that I will regret doing this because I really do love this truck. Factory options include...
  2. marshal

    5 NEW Falken Wildpeak MT01 37x12.50R17D

    five brand new tires, 37x12.50R17D. never mounted. Located in Louisville KY. Asking $1500. Local pickup only.
  3. marshal

    Vanilla Gorilla: 2017 Power Wagon build

    So I just sold my 2010 Toyota 4Runner because, while Toyota makes really reliable trucks has an incredible background - its just super dated, underpowered and not that great off-road. SO after a lot of thought and being in the right place at the right time, I picked up this 2017 White Power...
  4. marshal

    motorcycle insurance

    hey guys i kind of searched around but i couldn't really pinpoint anything directly on the information I'm looking for I'm looking at getting a bike again, i haven't ever had a new bike but i used to ride a honda CR250L for a while, and was did my fair share of time on KLR650s in the Air...
  5. marshal

    Expedition One 2010+ 4Runner washer bottle relocation kit

    We (Forge Overland) have been working with Expedition one to develop a washer bottle relocation kit for the 5th gen 4Runners. The kit has been finalized and should soon be available direct from Expedition One (Expedition One - Off Road Truck Bumpers) for purchase. This is an excellent OEM grade...
  6. marshal

    Look what I found Want this. Need this.
  7. marshal

    the "i dont know **** about bikes" thread

    ok - so. few things i have a 2001 Mongoose DX 4.0. it was a great bike when i was a teenager that didnt know anything. its in great shape, but the gear shifters dont function (feels like a bind) from everything that i know about it, it has a kickass frame on it. but it doesnt have disk brakes...
  8. marshal

    2012 JKL Rubicon build

    im not new to Jeeps, offroading or adventuring, but i am pretty fresh con the concept of overlanding. there is something incredibly romantic about it - loading up and heading into the unknown. when i sold my old TJ on the advent of my daughter, i got my hands on a 2010 SCrew F150 with big...
  9. marshal

    FOX 2.0 12" travel Coilovers/Shocks

    i ordered these shocks/coilovers from Poly Performance with the intention of mounting them on my JK. due to some life events and trying to reorganize finances, im selling them. they're NEW IN BOX, never been mounted - anything. they've been kept in a climate controlled, dry environment and they...
  10. marshal

    JK Safari snorkel

    hey guys, looking to see some photos of ARB safari Snorkels mounted on your JK's. i know a ton of people on here have AEV stuff - I'm not interested (sorry). i just don't care for their through the hood design.
  11. marshal

    Red October Build

    hey all, new here. ive been lurking for the past couple days. i actually came to be here because i saw this Tundra and cross searched it back to its source: i think its completely ************. im a long time Jeep person and did the whole rock crawling and driving through places it was difficult...