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  1. kootenay

    Y62 Patrol shocks specs

    Is anyone able to find the extended collapsed length of Y62 Patrol shocks? I have always wanted a set of BP51’s for my Titan Swap and those might be an option.
  2. kootenay

    Ron the Burgundy Xterra Build Thread

    Meet Ron the Burgundy This is pretty close to how Ron is right now, I will try to keep this photo updated. Now a little back story before the build starts. Before Ron, I had a 2015 Frontier Pro4x. It started with full Oldman Emu suspension, and ended as a full Titan swapped and armoured...
  3. kootenay

    Frontier Wedge Camper. Yucca Pac

    Although I have switched from my Frontier to an Xterra, back when I had it I was looking at the then growing wedge camper market. I am not sure how many have been adapted to work on the 5' Frontier bed. As well many of them were very heavy. Recently I came across a lightweight, 450lbs, camper...
  4. kootenay

    Winch turns one way only

    I bought a warrior winch 9500sd and had it mounted to my Nissan Frontier for 3 years. Then one winter it stopped working. I had the motor rebuilt this winter by a starter motor guy. I have installed the winch onto my Jeep and I can get it to only run in one direction, counter clockwise when...
  5. kootenay

    JK Sway Bar Skid Plate with Lightbar

    I am curious how many people have "used" their sway bar skid plate on the JK platform? My factory plastic one came off the first time I went off-road. In the year following it looks like the frame underneath has not taken any hits. I am thinking about installing a 20" lightbar I had kicking...
  6. kootenay

    Moab, Poison spider,golden spike, rusty nail, Gemini bridge

    I have been invited to go to Moab with some friends. They all drive big jeeps. I was curious if anyone has experience driving the Trifecta trails Poison spider,golden spike, rusty nail, Gemini bridge in a Frontier? Mine is locked front a rear with Oldman EMU and 285's. I have skids bumpers and...
  7. kootenay

    Popup/tent trailer vs Two RTT (roof top tents)

    We are planning another spring trip down to Arizona/Utah/NewMexico for end of March beginning of April 2018. In the past we have pulled a 20ft travel trailer. The camping was comfy but the drive down and home was not enjoyable, especially with the fuel economy hit of all that trailer. So another...
  8. kootenay

    Baja Divide

    I have a friend who is planning to ride the Baja Divide in January. Right now we are looking at tire options. He will be using 27.5+ tires. Curious what peoples thoughts are on the Maxxis Chronicle vs Minion for desert riding. We do not have that terrain locally so my knowledge is limited. He...
  9. kootenay

    4Runner Questions

    My wife has decided to replace her Tiguan daily driver. We have been looking at 4runners on the internet. I am shocked at the prices some people ask for these vehicles used. Our plan is to try and keep this next vehicle for at least another 10 years. I am curious how rusty they will become...
  10. kootenay

    Torn between travel trailer, popup or folding

    Previously we had Jayco 19' hard sided travel trailer, and loved it. We spend on average 30 days a year in it camping with the kids. As the got larger we decided to sell it and pursue tent camping. As fun as that has been, my wife has decided that she prefers having a kitchen, and a bathroom. I...
  11. kootenay

    The Downside of Titan Swaps

    I was curious if those who have Titan swapped can list the issue they have had. Has the increased track width at the front ever prevented you form being able to travel down a Jeep trail?
  12. kootenay

    Commander/GrandCherokee WK honest reviews

    My wife is looking to replace her Tiguan with something bigger. We did start looking at Touaregs, but found for the size they are not big enough inside. That and the reliability seems good, until something big goes wrong. She has always liked the size and look of the Commanders, and the pricing...
  13. kootenay

    Kootenay's Pro4X Frontier

    Like all good vehicles after buying it I decided to test it out stock, until I needed mods. First some light offloading. The truck was perfect It handled well and the dog loved the cab, and the back for quick trips in t After that came a camping trip pulling the trailer. It previously had been...