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  1. fireball

    2014 Four Wheel Camper (FWC) Hawk - central PA - PRICE DROP $15,000

    For sale, excellent condition, lightly used 2014 Hawk. Side dinette layout with blue fabric interior, two roof fans, nice Fiamma awning, icebox, sink, stove, propane tanks, outside shower, yakima rack system. Does NOT have furnace, fridge, or hot water. These things could be easily added by a...
  2. fireball

    ARB fog light kit - NIB

    Brand new never used arb fog light kit. Got this with my arb bumper but used other lights instead. Looks like online price is around $90. Will take $50 shipped to your door. Thanks!
  3. fireball

    Anyone know what wheel this is?

    Anyone know what wheel this is? 6x5.5 spacing, works on Tacomas. The only marking on the back that seems to offer any help says "MADE IN CHINA. BAODY 672. 18x9 1/2 J" Any help appreciated!
  4. fireball

    Homebuilt storage box

    Greetings all, I was searching trying to get some ideas for a storage box I'd like to build for the front of my trailer. I have a utility trailer with a FWC on it and have a 24"W x 24"H x 54"D space that I'd like to build a box with a slide out drawer that would contain our kitchen setup...
  5. fireball

    Wheel chock

    Greetings all, I was hoping to get some input on everyone's favorite light weight set of wheel chocks they like to keep in their front nose box? I can use rocks, logs, scraps of 4 x 4 but thought there might be a low cost low weight solution instead.
  6. fireball

    Pop-up with outdoor kitchen - design ideas!

    Hello all, While I love the extra space afforded by the pop-up, one of my biggest complaints is that when camping we will always cook outside. So many of the interior cooking features would be not needed, and quick and easy access to an exterior kitchen setup would be very important to us...
  7. fireball

    WTB: ARB37QT

    Expo Crowd, I would like to buy a 37QT ARB fridge and transit bag. If anyone has one for sale, wants to upgrade to something bigger, or is just looking to unload some gear please let me know. I'm in central PA, but do a decent bit of traveling back and forth to Atlanta so might be able to...
  8. fireball

    Off road trailer towing - experiences/tips/tricks/advice

    Greetings, Perhaps there already exists a thread similar to what I am looking for. If so, please point me in the right direction. As we are debating what kind/type/size of trailer to add to our setup I would be interested to hear others experiences in towing off road. We really want a 5x10...
  9. fireball

    Partner stove gas line?

    Hello all, Quick question...I am looking for a longer gas line for my Partner Steel stove. I just recently sorted out my driver side swing arm with a permanently mounted propane tank: So now I need an 8-10' long line so that I can keep the tank mounted and have some options on where I want...
  10. fireball

    Drill bits!

    Gentlemen, The time has come to buy a complete set of drill bits. I've had a few sets of misc. Dewalt and others available from the local home center. They dull quickly when drilling metal. I would like a complete set of number and letter and fractional bits. Does anyone have any...
  11. fireball

    10"W tire on a 6"W rim?

    Greetings all, I'm wondering if it is a bad idea to mount a 10"W tire on a 6"W rim. I just bought a BJ74 Land Cruiser and want to run the OEM 16x6" wheels with 255/85/16 Mud terrains. BFG recommends a 6.5-8"w rim. The tire is 10"w. Any thoughts on if this will cause problems? Thanks!
  12. fireball

    What's up with BFG mud terrain km2 availability?

    Does anyone know what's going on with the Mud Terrains? It looks like some of the more popular sizes aren't currently available.... 33x10.5x15, 255/85/16, 285/75/17. What's the deal? These sizes don't seem to be available on tirerack or amazon, which is where I've been looking...
  13. fireball

    Coleman Dual Fuel powerhouse stove (Central PA)

    For sale, excellent condition and lightly used Coleman dual fuel powerhouse stove. $65.00 local pickup. Willing to meet within an hour or so of Harrisburg or Baltimore. Or split shipping with buyer. This is a nice little stove. We bought it last year and used it a handful of times, but then...
  14. fireball

    WTB: 3/8" synthetic rope & hawse fairlead

    Hello all, I'm looking for some sythetic rope and a fairlead to fit on a PTO winch. 80-100' of 3/8" line. Bonus points for a safety thimble or high quality hook at the end. I'm vain so no ugly colors please. Grey is the new black in sythetic winch line style as far as I'm concerned! I...
  15. fireball

    BNIB: ARB fog lights - #6821201

    Brand new in box, never used, never opened, ARB fog light kit. Should fit all the various ARB bumpers. I bought a Sahara bar and the fog light kit, but ended up fitting a set of PIAA lights instead...
  16. fireball

    Is a teardrop right for us?

    Hi Guys, A few quick questions from a potential new teardrop owner. First a bit about us, then the questions. Our crew consists of my wife and I and our two kids, 11 and 13, and our 90# siberian husky. The family camping, off roading, expedition, adventure vehicle is a 99 Land Cruiser...
  17. fireball

    WTB: ARB63

    Thought I'd post a message just in case... planning to buy an ARB 63 qt in the next few days, but wanted to check it anyone had one they wanted to sell. Perhaps wanted to downsize to a 50? Perhaps someone who misses buying ice and having soggy cartons of eggs? I'm in Atlanta now and...
  18. fireball

    Inverter wiring questions - Suresine 300

    Per a few recommendations on here, I decided to purchase the Suresine 300 pure sine wave inverter for the Land Cruiser. In reading through the installation instructions this evening, I'm a little confused and have a few quick questions. Link to install PDF: 1. The instruction manual...
  19. fireball

    Why is my CB making noise when in reverse?!?!

    Expo- this is driving me nuts! I've got a Cobra 75 handheld CB. I had it tied into the 12V outlet in the center console, but was getting a loud static sound when the truck was in reverse. So I added a 2nd ground to a nearby bolt. Still got the noise! Last night I wired the CB into my...
  20. fireball

    Front locker - independent wiring or not?

    Expo Folks, What are your thoughts on wiring for the front locker? I'll be installing an ARB front in my LC in a few weeks time. I was planning to use the OEM 80-series switch (which only turns on the front once the rear is already on): I got into a situation this past weekend at the Bill...