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    why is Express van carpet only available up to 2002?

    I didn't, just the's plenty for what I wanted.
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    24" Hightop Express Rear Build-out

    after just two years of use two of the four panels have failed, no visible issues, the surface still looks like new and I popped the top off the junction and saw no moisture or corrosion...just making zero I'd say "buyer beware" on these unless they've been improved.
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    Can either E-series or Chev vans have dual swivel seats and 4x4?

    Roadtrek makes excellent swivel based for the Chevy Express, I got a set from a salvage roadtrek to put in mine..
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    Silverado spindles on Express 1500 2wd

    Use a longer swaybar attachment bolt/spacer and you should clear up that potential interference..
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    GM G80 locker axle transplant on Sprinter along with 4x4 conversion

    it's the kind of thing many find out the hard way..
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    Where are all the 6.6 duramax vans?

    I saw the CL ad for this when it came up...I considered buying it just to flip...that was a good price.
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    if they would put the 5.0 cummins in the NV I could probably overlook the ugly...but while the nissan v8 makes good power...they are terrible on mpgs.
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    I group the NV in with the other dinosaurs...and it's butt ugly.
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    none of the modern vans are designed to tow (heavy), so, you either stick with the old stuff or get something else as a tow pig. My jeep is 5700lbs, so even with a lightweight aluminum trailer after I'm loaded up with tools/spares I'm at 8000lbs and have to climb the Cajon Pass or Grapevine to...
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    New Here. Searching for the perfect camper van, looking for guidance

    I squeaked out 15mpgs last year on a 3500mile trip starting here in socal and looping through Yellowstone, Rushmore, Badlands, was a lot of hwy cruising at 65mph that got that done..
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    you're right, I had to look at your pics again on something larger than a phone screen..
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    That looks like "Toe-Heel" pattern, you would need to go deeper with the pinion.
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    Ford E-Series Rear Shackle Flip

    It's not the issue of it being coil sprung, it's the use of a radius arm link set up and then lifting it, you are then multiplying the forces on the track bar. A triangulated 3 link system would be more stable. I struggled a bit with DW on mine right after I finnished it, thankfully the addition...
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    2012 Chevy AWD Family Adventure Van

    aka...52" chevy springs...used to be popular with the jeep crowd before everyone went to links/coilovers...I ran a set on the back of my commando for many years.
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    Lifting a 2001 Chevy Roadtrek 200 popular (3500 express van)

    I don't think anyone (DIY'r) has actually done this. I beleive the reason is that for about the same amount of rework you can use chevy pickup lift kit parts (for less money). I personally would go with the weldtec stuff because of the quality, but, it will be a fair bit more expensive. My...
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    1998 GMC Savana "bubbletop" lift kit

    I don't think Jeremy makes spindles for the 96-02 express...only the later ones. I do think that the earlier truck spindles (and maybe control arms too) fit the earlier I think you have some options. try out some junkyard truck parts first to validate fitment.
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    To 4WD or Not to 4WD - Advice needed

    If you can do the work yourself and control the cost then it changes this conversation a lot. If you are taking a 15-20yr rig in for $15k-$20k shop conversion then I can't see how you can rationalize that..
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    Where are all the 6.6 duramax vans?

    The second overdrive on the allison definitely helps on the hwy..