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  1. WVI

    Best $200 (or less) Tool Kit for College Student?

    I have what's left of some Beta tools when stationed in Italy. I bought some Craftsman tools when I got back stateside, and used those for years. I worked on project in Hawaii for 3 years, and bought a $79 box set of Crafstman while there. Since then, that same basic boxed tool set, and a few...
  2. WVI

    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    I like the look. Maybe just do something with the open spaces and bolt stuff to the sides if needed. I'm wondering of you may need to do something to keep the top portion from spreading? What did you use to cut the sheet metal?
  3. WVI

    Table storage

    I really like that idea. Looks clean and out of the way.
  4. WVI

    I Was Kind Of Contemptuous Of Van Life Moto Life, But Now Maybe Not...

    ^^My favorite van bidy style of all!!! Not that it matters. Check out "Cycle Cruza " on YT. He built a basic but very functional Bugout MotoVan.
  5. WVI

    Rust Prevention and Reversal: Whats Your Experience?

    I recently saw a video of a fisherman in Florida and he has been coating his Tundra with boiled linseed oil using a small hand pumped sprayer. It looked like it had been doing a very good job at keeping rust at bay.
  6. WVI

    Rattle can truck bed coating

    OK, I like the look of those. Thanks for taking the time to post the pics.
  7. WVI

    Rattle can truck bed coating

    kayadog, do you have a pic of the rims that you can post?
  8. WVI

    The Tauler Jack thread

    That's a slick idea OP...
  9. WVI

    YOLANDA...My Turbine Princess build 03 7.3 E350 pop top 4x4

    Wanderer, what is that scoot in the second pic?
  10. WVI

    Suggestions on vent fan for 29” A.R.E. DCU

    Looks really nice. I'm moding one of those for my truck. I'm on the fence now on wether or not I want to put the shelves back in... Mines a short bed so It's not long enough to sleep in.
  11. WVI

    Suggestions on vent fan for 29” A.R.E. DCU

    I you check out a YT guy, Cycle Cruza, he built a Bug-out Moto Van and has a couple of small fans simular to the one upo show, and it seems to work well. He has then under his panels I believe.
  12. WVI

    Garmin Overlander

    Thanks for the 2 part review. I just can't find a use for a device that requires me to have a computer. I haven't had one or even used a aptop, other than this old chromebook, in years.
  13. WVI

    Tire recommendation needed for ride quality and mild offroading

    When I had my Ram 3500, the Duragrappler was the best of the tires I used! They served me well both on and off road.
  14. WVI

    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    Shays4me, those are the type of containers used in retail for shipping, moving and storage. They are versitile and stout, but not to good at keeping water out.
  15. WVI

    Handmade Leather Boots for Overlanding / Hiking / Etc.?

    The best modern boot I've used has been the Danner Pronghorn. I'm considering a pair of GoRuck boots now. A buddy of mine has a couple sets and one he's logged over 300 miles in rucking with, and they are holding up great!
  16. WVI

    Does wind deflector help mpg ?

    Slim Patatoehead recently made a vid using a snowboard btw his vehicle and travle trailer. If I recall correctly, it saved him milage....