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  1. Yarjammer

    Fuel Economy for Overlanding

    I've needed my Jerry cans once in southeastern Oregon. I cannot think of many places in NA where you'd ever need more than five to ten gallons of extra fuel to make it to the next fuel station in a modern G. As others have already stated, a V8 G doesn't care how encumbered it is- I get the...
  2. Yarjammer

    Help me pick the right G-Wagen. Base vehicle budget: $40K-$80K

    Be aware early pre-2004/5ish G's had some electrical issues (component based). Unless they have unnaturally low miles, it may be more "maintenance" rather than a canary in the coal mine unless you see they sold the truck shortly after. I try to look for patterns in the carfax or vehicle history.
  3. Yarjammer

    1997 G320 Questions

    I'd strongly recommend moseying on over to where you will find an active community of pre-MBUSA G owners. Even though some of us are on both forums, the other one gets more traffic than this sub-forum.
  4. Yarjammer

    Help me pick the right G-Wagen. Base vehicle budget: $40K-$80K

    Metric hit on some of this already so sorry for some of the repeats. The brake size can be an issue; I got bit on that one during my misguided attempt at making a '13 ML550 into an overlander. Smallest wheels that would fit [barely] its AMG brakes was 19"- which have only road tires, so 20" is...
  5. Yarjammer

    Truck or SUV?

    It is both. It is more of a truck than many of the "trucks" out there... solid axles (except for the W463a), sh!tty gas mileage, body on frame, and a military heritage. If it has a bed, that just makes it a pickup truck. "SUV" was traditionally coined to describe a unibody.
  6. Yarjammer


    Looking forward to seeing a new bumper offering. Heck, I'd love to get brackets for the ARB if the new bumper doesn't pan out.
  7. Yarjammer

    ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

    I have an '08 so mine is a little different than yours but here's the version for your truck albeit with a lower weight rating (4000lbs): I'm a little jealous as this one looks like less of a headache to...
  8. Yarjammer

    Area 51 Surveillance HD Van, Very Lo Miles, 4WD, 460 gasser and duallies too!

    List on Craigslist Make claims no one can verify Appeal to tin foil hats Sold in a week after bidding war 🤣
  9. Yarjammer

    6x6 out in the wilds...Naples Florida

    Realistically, there's a greater likelihood in it taco-ing than those welds giving out if you were to send it like that. I'm not one of those weld elitists that demands a stack of dimes regardless of the price paid however, given the significant valuation of their work I think it deserves to be...
  10. Yarjammer

    6x6 out in the wilds...Naples Florida

    Well, you could do that once with the Berlin truck :ROFLMAO:
  11. Yarjammer

    6x6 out in the wilds...Naples Florida

    Maskes sense to remove $16k in fender flares, but why the front clip? With portals it doesn't hang that low...
  12. Yarjammer

    6x6 out in the wilds...Naples Florida

    Personally, if I had $1M to blow on a truck I'd rather go for the Brabus 800 Adventure XLP
  13. Yarjammer

    New to g’s

    What is it with Land Rover guys shunning modern engines in G's? Lucas electronics really screwed you guys up. You may want to dance on over to where you'll find a wealth of info on the older G's and ask questions to a larger pool of folks with knowledge of them. That '85 does...
  14. Yarjammer

    The Jack Wagon

    FWIW, I have 285/70/18 M/Ts on my '08 and have only dealt with ESP once coming down a mountain pass in Oregon last summer pulling a trailer. It is definitely obtrusive when it happens but I was also pushing it a tad at the time too. I have no evidence it wouldn't have triggered with stock...
  15. Yarjammer

    Radio Interface Options

    Are you averse to Android based systems? If not, there's quite a few that are available that look completely OEM when parked. I believe Seicane is one of the more popular ones. My G's radio is in some Bermuda triangle of zero plug and play replacement options so I had to go a different route...
  16. Yarjammer

    True 5 Person Tent Possible? Please Help

    Since you have a pickup, why not put a camper shell on it and put the kids in the truck bed and keep the RTT for the adults (or vise versa)? Your kids are going to outgrow their ability to fit with you and your wife in the RTT before they outgrow the desire to; add a dog to the mix and it gets...
  17. Yarjammer

    JKU platform help

    With my Gobi rack installed I used to remove my ladders, then lift the top up slightly and slide it straight out the back with the window up to clear the oversized spare.
  18. Yarjammer

    JKU platform help

    Do you intend on enjoying one of the unique benefits of owning a JKU- going topless? If so, you'll want an exoskeleton style rack. If not, make sure you are comfortable drilling holes in your hard top for some of these platform racks.
  19. Yarjammer

    Ways to Keep Warm in Your RTT

    Both of these sound a tad counterintuitive but they work (assuming you have an appropriate sleep system)- Sleep as naked as you're comfortable with and ensure your tent has a vent slightly open. Condensation from respiration and perspiration will conspire against you in staying warm. You may...
  20. Yarjammer

    Mini Restore (deferred maintenance) and new toys for my 05 G500 Grand Edition

    Looking good! Dumb question from a relatively new owner... where can you actually use the Hi-lift on a G? I've always had one on my past trucks, but sold mine with my last one and haven't replaced it to go with my G. Are there lifting points outboard enough I haven't found yet?