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    APRSDroid on Android Headunit

    I watched a few videos yesterday about hooking the Kenwood TM-D710GA up to a phone to plot the APRS beacons from the radio. So I decided to try and do it with my Atoto A6 headunit. I didn't want to pull the unit out of the dash until I got it figured out so I plugged my FTDI USB CAT...
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    Trouble with Dometic CF50

    I recently added a remote thermometer to my fridge and noticed that the temp seems to stay in the 40s. If I set it below freezing, it seems to be accurate but at about 30 F or above the temp creeps up until it reaches the mid 40s. I've used the remote thermometer is other settings and it seems...
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    1970 Chilton's Toyota Manual

    Even though I don’t have a FJ55 or FJ40 I had to get this 1970 edition of Chilton’s Toyota manual. Not only does it have cool pictures it also has a diagram of the engine with clear plastic layers to peel up and show different systems.
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    2 Scepter 20l MFC fuel Cans Olive Drab Tucson, AZ SOLD

    2 Military Fuel Canisters in olive drab made by Specter. They were made in 2004 and say Fuel 20L. These are military surplus. The seal up well The threads don't seem to be stripped. They come with new Viton gaskets Both have vent tubes. They are $70 each.
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    In Praise of Pie Irons

    I picked up two pie irons today. When ever I see them I like to get them because they are great camp cooking utensils. In case you don't know what they are here is one for sale on Amazon. But keep your eyes open at thrift stores and yard sales because you can pick them up used very cheap. Look...
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    SOLD $300 Truck Fridge TB51 Portable Refigerator/ Freezer AC/DC (Indel B) Tucson, AZ

    This is a Truck Fridge 51 liter capacity portable AC/DC refrigerator/freezer made by Indel B. It has a Danfoss compressor. It comes with the AC power cord and the DC power cord plus the removable carrying basket that fits inside the unit. The unit is used. The lid has a stain and there is a...
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    New Kenwood TM-D710G Doesn't Transmit Location

    I installed my new radio this weekend and it receives APRS packets with no problem. I talked to someone this morning on simplex who was about 10 miles away so my antenna seems to be working. The GPS icon is flashing and I have the beacon turned on. I've gone through all the settings in the...
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    Ordering Scepter MCF from Canada

    A week ago I ordered two Scepter Military Custom Fuel Canister 20L Gasoline Red cans from DS Tactical in Canada along with a spout and wrench. They arrived today. The price shipped was $190.00 with a foreign transaction fee. Each can was $69 Canadian with a shipping charge of $59 Canadian...
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    MotionX Download Question

    I bought MotionX for my iPad yesterday and today I'm trying to add it to my iPhone and am not having any luck. Does anyone have any advice? I bought it through my iPad and not iTunes. When I sign into the App Store on my phone it wants me to pay for the app again. Thanks, Chad
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    What Apps Should I Get For New Android

    I know this has been asked numerous times before but I don't know if I've seen all the threads or if they are still current. I picked up a Asus Memo Pad 7 LTE today for $40 and am downloading apps on it for use in my Jeep. So far I have GPS Tool, PDF Maps, BackCountry Navigator, Anrdozic, a...
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    Mounting Ham Antenna to Jeep

    I'm having some problems getting my 2M/70CM antenna mounted on my jeep. I installed the Teraflex Antenna Mount that installs behind the tail light but I have noticed that all the connectors that join the PL239 to the antenna seem to have a PL239 connector on one side and a stud mount on the...
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    Yukon 70QT Coolers $199 at Costco

    My local Costco (Tucson) has 5 of the Yukon 70 QT coolers. These are about the same price as the Ozark Trail coolers but are made in the U.S.A. They seem to get good reviews and seem very sturdy. The only problem I see with them is that the handles stick out taking up space...
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    REI Having 25% Off Sale on InReach, Should I Buy or Wait?

    Should I pick up an InReach from the REI sale or should I figure that Garmin is going to come out with a new version soon? I don't have a pressing need for one right now but would like to pick one up for travels. Thanks, Chad
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    Wanted: Roof Rack to Mount to Camper Shell

    I am looking for a roof rack to put on my topper so I can carry my kayak. There are already holes drilled in the roof of the topper for bolts. I am in Tucson and am looking for something local. Thanks, Chad
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    Coleman pump cup stuck inside lantern

    I replaced the pump on my Coleman lantern and didn't put the push on nut on tight enough. I pumped a few times and the pump came apart. The rod came out but the washer and godet are stuck in the bottom of the cylinder. What is the best way to get it out of there? Chad
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    Modding Questions About New Dometic Fridge

    The Dometic CF50 refrigerator I bought arrived today and while I'm waiting for the bag to arrive I'm trying to figure out some ways to make it better. I wonder if anyone has ideas for tie downs. It would be nice if there was something like the ARB tie down that spanned the entire handle but...
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    Help Programming Baofong UV-5R

    I have a UV-5r, cable and Chirp. I am able to get the contents of the radio downloaded to my Mac but can't seem to get the repeaters I have saved in a .csv file uploaded. I have 98 repeaters in a file that I downloaded from Repeater Book using Chirp's query function. I can open the file but...
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    One Antenna or Two?

    I picked up a used Kenwood TM 733A the other day. It has antenna connectors for both 2M and 70CM. Would I be better off getting two antennas or using a duplexer and a dual band antenna. Right now I have a Firestick antenna mounted to a PL-259 connector on one side of my pick up bed tool box for...
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    Advice on Tubing Salt River with 4 Year Old

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to take my 4 year old tubing on the Salt River. We would go during the week so hopefully there wouldn't be as many crazies. I was thinking about getting a big four person tube with the mesh at the bottom for us to float on. How much water is there...