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  1. rkj__

    Northern Ontario Camping Adventure

    My wife and I recently returned from a two week camping trip through Northern Ontario. In short (ha!) we had the vacation we were hoping we would have. We were both very pleased with all the memories we made, and experiences we shared together. The map below shows our approximate route, less...
  2. rkj__

    rkj__'s Dirty Weekend in the Bush

    ...With BrettDez and Family. I'll start off by saying, that this trip almost did not happen. It was planned months in advance, and we were expecting 5 or 6 vehicles at least. But, a few people made the decision to pull out, for various reasons. However, I was determined to get away, and I...
  3. rkj__

    rkj__'s Test Drive - '14 Sierra and '10 Tacoma

    Today was a rainy September day in southern Ontario, so with my outdoor plans cancelled, I decided to head to the GM dealer to check out the new full size trucks. They are starting to advertise the trucks pretty heavily now, with "tailgate party" events at many dealers. I'm stating to see them...
  4. rkj__

    Trying Something New - Kayak

    Well, I like to spend time outdoors. Most frequently, I hop on my bicycle and ride. Mostly MTB, sometimes road. However, I've been doing that for over 10 years, and some days, I'm just not excited to ride. So, I thought maybe it would be fun to try something new. I started looking on the...
  5. rkj__

    rkj__'s 2013 Pennsylvania Vacation

    I only get 10 precious vacation days every year, and 5 must be taken consecutively. Last year I went camping in Killarney. This year I took my truck and my bike to Pensylvania. It is a fairly scenic drive through from Niagara Falls ON, through NY and PA. I arrived in Jonestown PA, and...