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  1. 1leglance

    Backcountry Navigator, can you only download max zoom?

    I have been using Backcountry Navigator on my Android head unit in my van. It isn't as good as OziExplorer was on a netbook but for now it works. However when I want to download new maps it frustrates me that I have to download all these different zoom levels when all I really want is max zoom...
  2. 1leglance

    SOLD Snap Treehouse, aluminum Wedge popup camper for Tacoma long bed $7k Phoenix, Az

    As much as I wanted to sell this as a package deal with the truck and camper together it seems that I got a buyer for the Taco so now it is time to pass on the Treehouse. I thought I had contact info for folks who ask about just the camper when I first offered it up but I can not find anything...
  3. 1leglance

    Yes a Transit can handle cross axle fun

    I have not finished the interior of my SEMA build Transit but I wanted to get out for some day trip learning so I understand how it handles off road. Quadvan does a great job on the conversion, the front diff is a Raptor 8.8 unit and the stock Ford 9.75 rear is plenty strong. Eaton TruTracs...
  4. 1leglance

    2017 Tacoma DCLB Off Road 4x4, Treehouse poptop camper, ready to go camping $43k

    Most important info....I am only selling this setup because I had a chance to build a Transit poptop 4wd SEMA project. Nothing wrong with the Taco/Treehouse combo, just don't need 2 killer rigs in the driveway. Kelly Blue Book puts the truck alone at $30k without all the upgrades it got...even...
  5. 1leglance

    1930's "Overlanding" or "RVing" or whatever around Africa...check out the pics The story is cool but the pics are a blast to look at. And to imagine life back then both for the traveler and those who had never seen anything like this...
  6. 1leglance

    Dyno test 2019 Ford Transit Ecoboost with Quadvan 4wd & 33s

    Well before letting Racechip start working their tune magic I thought I would be fun to get a baseline dyno test.... And it was a hoot, scary as crap with a rig I need to put into the SEMA show in a few days but still fun.
  7. 1leglance

    33's on a Transit look huge

    Still testing and I will do an more in depth write up soon but here is a first look. Just had to bend a bit of door and flex test her
  8. 1leglance

    New design Aluminess bumper installed, anyone want to trade?

    Quick post from the road. Yesterday I got the new Aluminess bumper installed and while I knew there was a new and improved design I had not seen it. Yeah no, the approach angle is all wrong for someone like me who will wheel harder than most. I understand the reason they changed for cosmetic...
  9. 1leglance

    Road trip building a van for SEMA 2019

    Day -1 of SEMA 2019 Build a Ford Transit 4x4 Poptop Van Roadtrip Update time for everyone, we ARE in Kansas anymore Toto! Or Claycomo to be more precise. But amidst the soybean fields, I found where Ford grows Transit vans! And some of them grow pretty tall. And I admit I geeked out a bit at...
  10. 1leglance

    Victron SmartSolar data and panel output

    Since there have been some great Victron threads lately I figured I should reach out to better minds than mine to see if I am getting all I can out of my 300w panel into my 2 group 31 AGM batteries. I got out of work early today and noticed that even though the sun was still shining the spot I...
  11. 1leglance

    Knowing your Center of Gravity

    As part of my SEMA build I was working my way through the Ford Transit Builders Guide & I came across the methods and formulas to figure out the Center of Gravity. For a road going machine this is less of a concern, but with all the off camber fun we have in the dirt it will be great to know...
  12. 1leglance

    Favorite Tire Repair Kit?

    Recently during a novice Overlander class we got to put my Extreme Outback tire repair kit to good use..... This led to my recommendations to the folks there and then after I got to wondering what others were actually using/liking. So let's hear what everyone carries, if you have actually used...
  13. 1leglance

    Method 701's worth paying for vs something else for free

    So as part of my SEMA Transit build I found that with the 5x160 bolt pattern there are only a few wheel choices available. Normally I am not a fellow that goes crazy when it comes to wheel choices. I either run a stock looking steel wheel so I can beat it back into shape if some rock attacks me...
  14. 1leglance

    Anyone have an Aluminess from bumper on their Transit?

    Howdy all.... As part of my SEMA Transit build I want to run an Aluminess front bumper like this... I had one before on an E350 and FJ cruiser and they were plenty strong and the light weight was nice. Well I was talking with George...
  15. 1leglance

    SEMA Transit 4wd Camper Van 1/2 way done with Sportsmobile Poptop, Quadvan 4x4, Aluminess, Extreme Outback, Scheel-Mann

    Well I am doing it again, another SEMA project because I can.....regardless of the rationalizations I gave my wife it comes down to the fact that: I wanted more interior space, the 2020's will come with some safety things I don't like the Eco-boost will be harder to get (and I like the 400ftlbs...
  16. 1leglance

    Blue Ridge Overland Expo Swag Bag

    I am selling a few things to clear up space and pass them along. First is one of the killer Overland Experience swag bags you only get for taking classes and being the cool dude at Overland Expo :) Great shape, only used at the event, nice way to carry your maps, journals or look like an...
  17. 1leglance

    Hom Basilisk-R Balisong 4.5in knife $300

    My son is selling a knife that I thought some folks here might like. Neutral balance , handle favored, bushing driven, carbon fiber and titanium construction.....limit run. Only issue tip chipped which maker says he will regrind free of charge.
  18. 1leglance

    1967 Baja Trip report with great pics

    So this is NOT my trip, but it is an amazing read and well worth the time... There is a website free to join and worth the effort Search "Off the Beaten Track in Baja" This 1967 book has Land Rovers, Ford's Chevy's and custom bikes & trikes traveling with air support all over Baja...
  19. 1leglance

    Help me design my solar/battery bank for camper

    Ok recently there have been some great threads here on solar, battery banks and such....and thus I am more confused than ever :) Here is my setup I am in Phoenix Arizona so lots and lots of sunny days, and we mainly play in the southwest so plenty of sun 2017 Tacoma which will get a group 31...
  20. 1leglance

    Phoenix Area frige on craigslist

    NOT mine, don't know the guy and if no one else gets it I am sure I will even though I don't need it :) Dometic 35 for $300, called the guy and it works and has both cords