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  1. 1leglance

    Expo West 2022- Sale Thread

    It is time to let my 23zero 270 Peregrine awning and walls find a new home. The thing is amazing for both shade and warmth when we have our propane firepit inside. The only reason I am selling is that my van is tall and I have to use a short ladder to fold the awning up and my 1 legged self is...
  2. 1leglance

    2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Expedition Camper (AEV, AT Overland, King, Baja Designs)

    Having know Matt for a while I can honestly say anything bought from him can be trusted to have been well cared for and maintained. I remember crossing paths in Baja and my wife noticed "wow look at that setup" at the same time I thought "I know that rig". It is an iconic build !
  3. 1leglance

    What's your dream sleep system?

    Plenty don't have the noisy slick material on the people side of the quilt. I makes noise everytime you move and is chilly against skin resulting in the need for a sheet. Pillows are tough because you want fluffy support that packs. I still have not found a great pillow setup. My wife gets...
  4. 1leglance

    Who Has Scheel-Mann seats??

    I have a bad back to go with losing my leg and the Scheel-mann seats were life changing. I used to only last 1-2hrs before I would have to spend 20-30min out of the vehicle. Now I can do as long as my bladder can handle and I have slept in them. Even the dogs love them.
  5. 1leglance

    Ford Dodge or Mercedes van

    Transit with factory AWD if you only need to deal with snow, gravel....Quadvan 4wd conversion if you want real 4x4 and a company way better than Quigley.
  6. 1leglance

    FS - 2016 Subaru Crosstrek 5speed 2.0 Premium Overland Build $15K - PA

    We are in Arizona but have flown and bought many times before....but since we are desert folks we have a real fear of rust... Can you post a bunch of underbody pics so we can see if there is anything to be dealt with? Also I dig the on board air setup, any pics of the compressor? Thanks and very...
  7. 1leglance

    FS - 2016 Subaru Crosstrek 5speed 2.0 Premium Overland Build $15K - PA

    I always have to ask....Why are you selling? My son is looking at a Crosstrek and he loves a stick shift to keep his friends away :) Have the miles been more highway or offroad?
  8. 1leglance

    Smartphone apps on new fridges

    I am going to go the other way and say that even with an app I doubt I would use it....the thing I DON'T need or want is ANOTHER app that is doing things on my phone. That is how security breaches happen. Honestly I can't imagine what I need an app to tell me about the fridge that I can't know...
  9. 1leglance

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    I would really really like to hear about shipping in a Container as that is something we want to do in a couple of years.
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    Dude you nailed it !!! I have been searching for someone to build lower arms to fix this very issue and was about to juat mig it up myself. So cool and I will be reaching out to ordee these. I will show them to Quadvan when I am up there in Sept getting my front Eaton Trutrac swapped to an ARB...
  11. 1leglance

    1998 4runner Pop Up Camper

    Wow, not actually laying hands on it I would say there is $40k worth of work and cool bits if the quality is right. very very cool build
  12. 1leglance

    New Bronco

    Glad I ordered the Badlands in Orange with 33s and the 2.7 as I would like that kind of mpg on my travels. Thanks for the updates and keep'em coming!!!
  13. 1leglance

    Aftermarket Seats: Recaro Expert Vs. Scheel-Mann Vario F

    After installing Scheel-mann seats in my Transit I will always put them in future projects. I have a bad back, messed up hip and am an amputee. The ability to adjust and change things vastly improves my comfort and enjoyment offroad and on long highway slogs. Even the dogs fight to sit up front
  14. 1leglance

    Add remote monitoring and alerts to your 12v refrigerator

    I use SensorPush which seems like the same design I run 5 of them, 3 in my big humidors (wine coolers converted) and 2 others that rotate around in my van and other places I am curious. I love that I can see all from the same screen , and the data logging means I can look back over the course of...
  15. 1leglance

    Add remote monitoring and alerts to your 12v refrigerator

    That looks just like the SensorPush units I have been using for a few years... I love the data logging in my humidors and I have been using a couple of them in my van to compare interior air temp against wall electronic temps in our blazing Phoenix summers
  16. 1leglance

    So... We need to talk about your weight.

    We love our van and I think it is the best balance between size and capacity, and I am UNDER GVW :) The low roof, short wheelbase 130in Transit has a GVW of 8600 and with wife, dog and all our stuff we are at 7800lbs for weeks of travel. Personally I would NOT go hightop as that is tall for...
  17. 1leglance

    LightLeaf Customizable Solar Panels

    Headaches? Well the method of passing through/connecting cables with the body is always a pain. I would like more info on the method you folks use/prefer Currently I use 69x40 residential panels on my van roof as I have not found anything price per watt that compares. However I am always...
  18. 1leglance

    Rivian R1T (pickup) vs. R1S (SUV) for "overlanding"

    For your use case I would honestly think the SUV is the best option and the real question becomes,,,,"Do you REALLY need to wait for the 400mi version?" Look at all your previous trips and ask if the 300mi mark wouldn't work just fine?
  19. 1leglance

    How Does a Lifted Van Ride?

    I have a short wheelbase (130in) low roof Transit with a Quadvan 4wd that is 5in taller than factory. It has 33's and I daily it along with all kinds of off road fun. It drives GREAT, super comfy on the highway and trail, sure the IFS won't wheel with a Rubi but I can go far more places than...
  20. 1leglance

    How deep can 4x4 vans get you? Beginner questions...

    I put my van in lots of places many don't think a van can go... I will say if you do a Transit then go with Quadvan, they are still Ford supported, full warranty and much more focused to real use vs the shuttle van style of Quigley. I have 33s and regeared to 4.10 which my Ecoboost loves. Eaton...