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    $2,900,000 Unimog

    If you have to ask for a photo of the interior, you cannot afford it. :LOL:
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    Minimum EV Range Requirement for Touring Western U.S.

    I'm in the same boat as a lot here. I have a Rivian R1S on order, and also a Cybertruck. With wanting to off-road/overland pretty far into the wild, I just don't think they will work. Especially if it's cold out, and I want electricity use at the destination too. I'm seriously thinking about...
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    I must have missed it... you are going to cut/remove the rear Gladiator cab bulkhead and front of the pickup bed and make one open living area? Are you going to use an accordion bellows to seal it up?
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    Gladiator Rubicon build thread for overlanding/Rubicon trail, request thoughts!

    A prior JK Unlimited Rubicon owner and I just got rid of my RAM Power Wagon. I was honestly not that impressed with the Power Wagon, it was way too heavy and large for a lot of stuff. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing a Rubicon Diesel with the following specs: GLADIATOR RUBICON 4X4 3.0L...
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    Ford Tremor - Colorado overland/off-road, or Rivian?

    Do we know yet if the Sequoia TDR Pro has a limited slip in the front? If it's open diff, probably wouldn't have enough off-road capability for me. I'll look into the F150 Powerboost. Do you have a name or link I could check out a high rise cap with sleeping platform?
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    Ford Tremor - Colorado overland/off-road, or Rivian?

    Ah good points. I will check them out! Oh yes I forgot to mention on-board air. Definitely will lover that crazy 80 PSI on the rear Tremor tires. Correct; no spotter. Would like to install some sort of front/chassis camera system. I hear you on charging stations. Some gaps in coverage like...
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    Ford Tremor - Colorado overland/off-road, or Rivian?

    Rivian R1S. Yes, I know people must think I am crazy for comparing or considering a full-size diesel pickup against a mid-size electric EV. But for my usage case there are very limited amount of vehicles to choose from. 1. Would have superior road characteristics than the Tremor. Would also have...
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    Ford Tremor - Colorado overland/off-road, or Rivian?

    I am retiring to my home in central Colorado in a year or two and wish to get into my "retirement vehicle" and I'd like to get peoples thoughts. Especially for those experienced with overlanding the Western US and off-roading the Colorado mountains. I currently own a Tesla Model Y performance...
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    Power Wagon vs F250 Tremor

    The RAM seats in my '16 Power Wagon is one of the major reasons I had to get rid of it. Even after like only 30 minutes I started squirming in the seat, butt going numb. I have no idea why that happens only in that truck. In my Tesla's I can drive all day compared.
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    Power Wagon vs F250 Tremor

    I've kinda already done the big-gas engine on a truck with my last Power Wagon and I just like diesel driving characteristics better. I don't like revvy engines in a truck. Plus I live at 8K feet in Colorado and routinely go above 10-12K feet so having the turbo on the diesel helps compensate...
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    Power Wagon vs F250 Tremor

    Reviving an old thread as I'm now debating a 2022 Power Wagon or 2022 Tremor Platinum diesel. Any updated thoughts on this? One thing that has me leaning towards the Tremor is in my previous Power Wagon (2016), the seats were dreadfully uncomfortable. Have they been revised at all? I like to...
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    SOLD - 2020 Ram 2500 PowerWagon Olive Green w/GFC AEVs 37s

    Best color for a PW hands down. Love it.
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    2024 Silverado (Avalanche) EV

    No $40K work truck is going to have 400 miles of range. Not sure where people are getting that from. 400 mile range has the largest 24-module most expensive battery. That's the battery pack on the $105K RST and the $110K Hummer EV.
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    New kid on the block! AWD Transit with composite camper AEONrv

    This looks really nice. About 1/4 the price of a Earth roamer, about 1/2 the price of a Earthcruiser, and it's larger.
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    SOLD Power Wagon Laramie - RAM - Upgrades, ATV carrier and ramps. Alabama.

    Last price drop, $47,900. $5K below KBB median for a stock truck.
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    SOLD Power Wagon Laramie - RAM - Upgrades, ATV carrier and ramps. Alabama.

    Ya and Carmax will probably turn around and sell it for $54K. They literally have to do nothing to it.
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    SOLD Power Wagon Laramie - RAM - Upgrades, ATV carrier and ramps. Alabama.

    They offered me $46K, which is significantly below KBB. If no one wants it private party by next weekend, I will just take the hit, remove the Diamonback cover and ramps to sell separately, and sell it to Carmax. I'm surprised the demand is so low for a classy looking Power Wagon. But then...
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    SOLD Power Wagon Laramie - RAM - Upgrades, ATV carrier and ramps. Alabama.

    Interesting; is the market really that strong for used vehicles? Truck is now $4K below KBB with some nice upgrades.