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    Maul or Splitting axe?

    I used to favour the axe, but that was for beech and pine, in Europe. In Australia when I hit a log with the axe I essentially started to laugh as it jumped back, barely leaving a mark!!! The wood here has interlocked fibres and is incredibly hard and tough - which is why it is surviving regular...
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    Trending Today..

    One that did not stop me but annoyed the c..p out of me: auto start-stop in a Mazda CX5 work vehicle... in the tropics... where AC MUST work every single second... or you die! No dealer will disable it because... "safety feature"!! Really?? What does it have to do with safety?? Well they can't...
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    To pintle or not to pintle?

    Yes used to be the standard fix years ago when pintle was popular, lost of kids scooter tyres and various plain rubber rings habitually hanging from the pintles. Cheap and easy fix.
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    Why so many negative YouTube videos about RTTs?

    I sold my folding soft shell a while ago. Takes less time and effort to offload our plastic boxes of stuff (we take minimal "stuff" as holidays should not feel like moving house) and sleep in the back of the Landcruiser. Over doing acrobatics standing on wheels and hanging off roof bars to...
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    Angled rear panel as fashion

    A bit OT, but seeing that bevelled roof edges are mentioned, I wonder how many people know what the reason for them is, e.g. on military trucks like the iconic Gaz66. The shape of the body is intended to fit the railway loading gauge specifications (marked "Eisenbahn-Lichtraum" on the diagram)...
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    Payload anxiety..

    Probably not as much as Aussies overload dual cab utes!
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    Clarence the 1963 1 ton dodge camper

    What isn‘t there can’t break (old German wisdom)
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    Toyota Coaster 4x4 mini bus

    4wd Coasters are very common in Japan, servicing hundreds of ski resorts. Might be worth considering in view of the overpriced custom built solutions built in Australia for the mining sector. I have seen them in both high clearance, rigid front axle, and in IFS, standard clearance "traction...
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    Tow Bar vehicle recovery is dangerous!

    Just to complicate matters, I suppose everyone thinks a pintle hitch would be a good recovery point? What about a combination pintle/ball hitch? What about receiver mounted or bolted? Also Australia has 99% bolted balls, Europe has the ball and shaft forged as one piece (much as a forged...
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    Winch technique

    If you are on your own and need to winch something out of the way I usually place the bullbar against a tree, Toyota handbreaks are not something to be trusted :)
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    Tow Bar vehicle recovery is dangerous!

    I was referring to the brain; I have to call it an optional accessory as it does not appear to be standard fitment for all drivers!
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    Tow Bar vehicle recovery is dangerous!

    Hmmm only or mostly Australian articles... Australians have an obsession with tow balls as recovery points. The industry has made big $$$ from selling "rated recovery points", though it is up to the buyer how he attaches them to the vehicle. As someone said before, most 4wd clubs are very strict...
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    Minimalist Drawer System / Sleeping Platform

    A lot of good ideas and nice execution. Glad to see someone else giving the "heavy duty slides with 100 titanium ball bearings rated at 500kg" a miss. Slides are heavy, take up space and are inconvenient and dangerous on anything but flat ground. Stop the truck nose up and a loaded drawer on...
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    Portable camp fire grates...?

    A pick axe or crow bar works wonders for making holes in drums. Drill bits are expensive and slow :)
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    Bathing Question

    Apparently half of Asia uses this method. I have tried it many times and it is surprisingly efficient and pleasant. And it does not require any high tech, heavy or complex plumbing, power and gadgetry. One usually has a bucket and a mug around anyway, and a pot to boil a few litres of water in.
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    knock of hydronic coolant heaters?

    Cheap generator and I take it you already have the electric coolant heater?
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    Unstable Unimog

    transfer case in neutral? or that Unimog specific forward/reverse lever not engaging? Bolts fell out? :)
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    Colorado slide in camper build

    Because they don't want the liability for this much too often seen result (in Australia most load everything and the kitchen sink AND tow a boat or van!).
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    Aussie Style Truck And SUV Rear Canopies And Trays

    Exactly. The booming aftermarket industry has convinced most people that if you add harder springs you can now carry twice as much. Had a discussion a few years ago with a fleet guy trying to convince me that e.g. a Triton and a 70 series Landcruiser ute had the same 1,000kg odd payload. A quick...
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    Edumecate me on NATO cans and spouts?

    Looks a bit like a large size opening can which resembles the common one but twice the size. Opening on yours is a bit different to the photo below but seems same principle. Then ones in the photo used to be reasonably common with German army. Never seen a spout for them though.