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    need advise for full size truck choice

    For a daily driver in the city, a diesel is not a good choice. The engine will rarely get up to temp and you'll have more than normal issues with the emission stuff. One good thing about any RAM is that all issues are already known. There are several on-line clubs that document everything...
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    2021 Ram 2500 Power Wagon (Gigantor 2.0)

    I just installed the Carli Pintop on my 2021 Ram. Did it myself on jack stands, with a friend handing me tools. Install was not difficult except for drilling holes in the frame and trying to torque the bigger bolts. Some were supposed to reach 285 ft/lbs, but I could only get to 250. I'm...
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    Ram 3500 - Temporary seat covers

    The Carharts fit very good also, are water proof and look like the jean material. I like them. Got them from Geno's Garage (the source for all things RAM)
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    The “Puller” Project

    I had a 2001.5 long bed version of your truck. I liked it a lot, but moved on. Here's a few notes from my experiences with it. You've fixed the lift pump, but were the lines replaced all the way to the main pump? There was a small hard line that was restrictive just before the main pump. On...
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    Simple rims for modern full size trucks?

    This is what I used on my 2021 RAM/Cummins: Method 701 Trail Series, 18" - these are forged AL, have a 4500 lb rating - the highest I've found. Price is $100 up from last year. They have the proper back spacing if you want to go all the way up to 37". These also have the extra bead retention...
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    Lift Options - 3500 Cab/Chassis - 37x12.5"

    I don't think you'll see a 8 or 10 speed behind the Cummins, because it just doesn't need it and you won't miss it in the real world.
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    Lift Options - 3500 Cab/Chassis - 37x12.5"

    I have the Method 701 Trail series wheels from Carli's recommendation of 18mm offset, 18x9 wheels, forged aluminum with the bead retention grooves. These have a 4500# load rating, the highest I could find. The AEV wheels were wrong for some reason, lower weight and/or offset...
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    Lift Options - 3500 Cab/Chassis - 37x12.5"

    Why not the standard Crew Cab, long bed with a bed? You can sell the bed and tailgate. There is a box delete option for $100, but the bed/gate is worth $500-1500!! The pickup model has a boxed frame which is wider than the Cab/Chassis and stiffer. It has a 50 gallon tank, no option for the...
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    pivoting frames and mounting campers

    I don't think this mount has changed.
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    ** SOLD ** FOR SALE: 2015 EarthCruiser FX

    The price is very reasonable. If sold at the EC factory it would be significantly more.
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    pivoting frames and mounting campers

    I have an Earth Cruiser EXP (pop top). It has a very low center of gravity. No sway bars in the suspension, only leaf springs and it still corners very flat. The box is fixed at the front with spring hold downs to the rear. I never notice the box flopping around. It does have some 'frame...
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    pivoting frames and mounting campers

    Having the pivot at the front and fixed points at the rear just looks wrong. It makes the box pivot and flop around way more than necessary. It also puts all the stress at one end of the frame. The front axle has no contribution stabilizing the box. It seems much better to have the fixed...
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    Roaming Lost: 2022 RAM 3500

    I carry a Bosch battery saws-all with a 12" blade. Easy to carry a blade for metal and an abrasive for hardened steel. Very quiet and if the blade gets stuck, I pop it off and mount another one.
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    ARB Compressor Placement

    Lots of room under the bed.
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    b16gsr 2021 Ram 3500 HO build thread

    +1 on Bushwacker OEM flares. Very easy install. No drilling.
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    Power Wagon vs F250 Tremor

    My 2013 RAM/Cummins - worst mileage was 14 mpg. That was loaded with a Fourwheeler type camper, pulling a 7x16, 5000 lb load, enclosed trailer and running into a 20 mph head wind at 65-75 mph. Generally, it got 16-17 towing and 18.5-21 empty. I'm currently buying my 5th RAM/Cummins, but a...
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    Overland Expo West or MTN West?

    2021 Overland West was in the fall, so dusty. If you were parked near the entrance road, you'd hate it. Otherwise, very nice weather until leaving Sunday morning. We pulled out about 5 minutes before the rain. In 2019, it was in the spring, like it will be this year. Had a few light...
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    Gaia vs Onx

    Dang. Well, glad I've got mine.
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    Gaia vs Onx

    Yup, Open Street Maps. In the West USA they are very accurate and detailed. Works great in my 276Cx and as the base map for Garmin's POS BaseCamp.