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    Treeline Outdoors

    Anyone with experience with their RTT's? Lots of nice features and allegedly made in Canada. More expensive than South Africa made tents.
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    What's your dream sleep system?

    I have a rooftop tent with a 2 inch memory foam inch topper and a Teton Mammoth sleeping bag. It sleeps better than my bed at home. When I don't have the rooptop I use a Exped Mega mat double with the same topper and sleeping bag. I know that Teton is not the top of every ones list of great...
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    Overlanding Ovens

    There is the Snow Peak field oven. I have one and use it to make pizza. Its hard to regulate heat and like a dutch oven needs some experience to get cooking times down. Its used with the Snow Peak large firepit so its pricey. My firepit is probably my most used piece of camping equipment btw...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    So has Drifta kicked Snow Peak to the curb? If so its sad because they made some of the best storage bags for them.
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    Got a new ground tent

    Happy with it?
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    Got a new ground tent

    Listed separately. Gazebo at 82 lbs and the tent at 45. The screen room is 23. Most of the gazebo weight is the steel frame. There is a video showing a setup. Once the frame is done its pretty straight forward it looks like.
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    Got a new ground tent

    Pretty sure the tent quality is good. More worried about wind with the awning as a base setup. Gets pretty stormy here.
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    Got a new ground tent

    Bushtec Found one of them on sale and the other on e-bay for about 1/2 this price. Also found one of the screen rooms. Wow its bulky and heavy packed up. Have no idea how long its going to take to set up. Gonna try and get it all out soon and I will give some feedback. I have never seen...
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    Cots talk

    I have cots that are that standard military cot design. Cheap and pack down reasonably well and comfortable with a pad.
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    Hard mattress

    Yea I have a 2 inch topper also..sleeps nice.
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    Ultimate camp shoe?

    Got a pair of those...very comfy.
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    Rooftent Thefts

    Check instagram and FB marketplace to see if it turns up on there.
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    Snow Peak Addiction
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    I have one with the now discontinued wok ring. It has some real firepower.
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    Howling Moon getting a new US distributor?

    Anyone seen this? Howling Moon US
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    Quest for the Perfect Family Tent

    After looking around and wanting a canvas tent I just ordered one of these. Thought about the OZtent but it just packs up to long. Was looking at the Springbar as well but I just like the design of the Bushtec better.
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    Bronco Sport

    Looking at one for a dd and trip machine. I have a lifted GX470 and this looks like a nice companion.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Very stable. the adjustable mechanism is very tight.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    I broke down and got some of the Drifta Stockton IGT adjustable legs. Very nice, adjustable and so much lighter.
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    Joolca, Camplux, Zodi or??? Thoughts on simplicity...

    You are right..and it does.