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    LR3 Repair Woes - Upside O2 Sensor stuck

    2006 LR3, 115k miles. I gave up on trying to replace the O2 Sensor by myself - it's the drivers' side upstream. My shop said it will only come out half way. If it snaps, they have to drill it out and rethread it. They said this would cost $1.7k (including the new sensor I think). They tried...
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    LR3 Upstream Oxygen Sensor Replacement

    Does anyone have a good guide on how to replace the O2 sensor? I'm trying to replace the one on the US driver's side. I see where it is and I know I need to unscrew it, use anti seize paste, and reconnect it. I can't get my arm up there, around the exhaust. Simply not enough room for my forearm...
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    Interior Light Bulbs - lR3

    Does anyone have a solid and not too expensive interior light bulb they prefer? I switched mine out for LED a few years back...they are extremely dim! Maybe the interior lights are meant to be dim, but this is a bit too much.
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    LR3 Air Suspension Diagnosis

    After leaving it for a few days, I noticed that my 2006 LR3 required a pump up after starting. I watched some vids on how to diagnose it and took measurements. What are y'alls thoughts? Is this leakage worth some new struts or a replacement axle valve? There was measurable decrease in both front...
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    Soooo....I got stuck! Any recovery advice?

    I followed my friend to his property in Alabama and made a few bad decisions (rushed in, didn't have a game plan, didn't step back to assess the next steps when we hit the mud). Anyways, How would you recommend getting out? In short, my buddy thought the valley would be the easy part and the...
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    PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Portable Power Bank saved the day! Jumped dead battery!

    After getting home from a 700 mile round trip down to Carabelle, FL and some great and unexpected off-roading in Tate's Hell, my 2006 LR3's battery decided to die in a parking lot! We drove 20 min out to lunch, had no problems, and it didn't even try to turn over. Everything was completely dead...
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    2006 LR3 Faults - Where to start?

    I would like to try to fix some LR3 faults that are on my GAP IID tool. Any tips on how to tackle these? I didn't see anything when looking up these codes on the forum. The truck seems to be running fine, minus special programs error when I start up (gone immediately), and the rear parking...
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    Safe to drive? HDC Fault and more

    We were driving down the highway and all of a sudden all these faults triggered. The speedometer went to to zero and all the dash sensors where flashing. Vehicle suspension also lowered. The adaptive front lighting system sensor is also flashing. We took it into Auto Zone and they said there was...
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    New LR3 Cargo Cover Use

    Not sure if this has been discovered before, but the cargo cover makes a killer arm rest for stabilizing a gun!
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    4,000th Land Rover Topic - Y'all are great!

    4,00th Land Rover Topic! WOOWOO I have just started following this forum over the last few months and I want to say thank you for all those people that post wonderful stories, help others out with specific problems and tips, and take off to explore the world in these versatile vehicles! To...
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    18" Wheels - recommendations? LR3

    Have any recommendations for 18 inch wheels? They would be used for off-roading occasionally. Trying to find/trade OEM, but don't seem to be having much luck. I'm wanting to spend as little as possible within reason. I like the look of the black wheels - I have a Buckingham blue paint. I...
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    LR3 Tail Light Guard Installation

    Does anyone know of a guide to install the tail light guard on the LR3? I bought a set but don't know the proper way to install them. Thanks!