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    WTB Tepui Travel Cover Autana/Kukenam 3

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a replacement travel cover for my Kukunam3. I believe the autana and kukenam are the same size so either should work. I know tepui sells them but they are out of stock until the end of July. I'm in Utah. Thanks, Nate
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Experiences?

    I won a fridge at the end of July and while I've used it a few times I really put it and my battery through their paces this last labor day weekend. Temps weren't too high but I managed to get my only battery voltage low enough that the auto shut off engaged. I didn't do a ton of driving...
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    SnoMaster Fridge/Freezer Review

    I just won a 42 liter snowmaster in a raffle at 100s in the hills. I'm super excited to have a fridge and am glad to read the good reviews. Now I'm working on tie downs and perhaps a slide for it.
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    Simple RTT mattress solution

    I spent 2 nights in my Kukenam last weekend and after the first night decided I needed to do something to improve the mattress. I had read somewhere about adding a backpacking pad under the mattress and so I drove into town and bought one. I slept better the second night but am not sure how much...
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    **Tepui RTTs and Accessories**

    Has anyone gotten out with that new mattress yet? Spill the details....
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    Awning/RTT/Roof Rack...???

    Like Adam said I hoped to get a Prinsu rack but they don't have one for the 100. I really liked the look and customization offered by Gamiviti so I went with that in the end. I got it in July and run a Tepui (bought from Adam) on it and am very happy with all of it. Here are a couple pics...
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    Used 200-Series or Tundra or 4Runner or....?

    I'd want the 5.7 for towing, especially in the mountains. We road tripped up into Oregon last June with a borrowed 23' trailer. It was a little heavier than what you say yours is but the going was slow and mileage was poor. That was in my '07 LX470. So my vote is for either the Tundra or the 200.
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    Yakima SkyRise RTT

    I'm interested in getting a closer look at the quick release roof attachment mechanism.
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    2004 Land Cruiser - Couple of quick questions

    Parts for the TB can be from 250-350 if I remember right. There is a local shop (reputable) that will do the 90k service for around 700 but from what I've read thats kind of low. I usually run mid grade in my 2007.
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    **Tepui RTTs and Accessories**

    @twistedgray I had the same question about the two halves seating and was told that it it normal. Adam said that the canvas is tight and just needs time to relax and then it will seat better. What I did, because I'm impatient, was throw in a tie down strap and when I set up the RTT I strapped...
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    Exped Mega Mat - fitted sheets or other bedding options?

    I had a queen flat sheet that had been replaced after my dog ripped up on side. I sewed it into a sleeve and pump up my mega mat inside of it. Works great.
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    Box Rocket 1995 FZJ80 Build

    That route sounds like it would be a ton of fun. I keep meaning to spend time exploring the dirt roads off Mirror Lake Hwy but always end up just driving to the same lake for camping and fishing.
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    Help me choose

    I like #3, so you should use #1 or #2 and send me the files so I can get #3 done for my rig. :)
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    Project Fauxverlander 200 Series Land Cruiser Build Thread

    Good to see some dust build up on the rear window Kurt. I know all those other "dirt" photo ops were staged. :ylsmoke:
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    **Tepui RTTs and Accessories**

    My rugged Kukenam was delivered yesterday and I was able to get up to the mountains last night for my first night with it. It took me a while to get it all set up but I expected that as I learn the process. I thought it was comfortable and enjoyed my nights rest in it. One question I had was...
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    Free to a good home: custom roof rack for Tepui tent. Fits 3rd Gen 4Runner Provo, UT

    Do you have the ballpark measurements on the rack? Length/width? Thanks.
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    Making the RTT quicker to mount / unmount

    Thanks for bumping this thread. I'm working on getting and RTT and the mount dismount process has had me the most concerned about all of it. I DD my rig and park in a structure and won't fit with the RTT mounted. I also don't have an easy way to get it to the roof alone so that picture of the...
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    WTB: Exped Megamat

    I bought my first MegaMat in the "10" size pricematched from moontail at then while talking to my brother about it found that Backcountry had the "7.5" on sale and picked up another one for the rare time I can get my wife out camping. I've been super happy with them now for...