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    FWC Flatbed Hawk, Ultimate Build

    check out the Bundutec Odyssey
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    How to mount a flatbed camper?

    It does. They are pretty tight against the side so I loosen them before dropping the camper on.
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    How to mount a flatbed camper?

    Let's try the picture again
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    How to mount a flatbed camper?

    I'm boondocking with limited bandwidth. I'll try again tomorrow.
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    How to mount a flatbed camper?

    I also added these side plates. We experienced some very slight side movement on some rough off road trails. Never moves now.
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    How to mount a flatbed camper?

    Correct. I don't travel with jacks and those brackets are probably the strongest part of the camper
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    How to mount a flatbed camper?

    Sorry. Torklift fast guns are designed to secure campers to trucks. In the attached picture, you will see them running from the jack brackets to the flatbed itself.
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    How to mount a flatbed camper?

    There are other options. Mines attached to the flatbed with fast guns which are easy to attach. Lowering a heavy camper down on to bolts that are not always easily accessible seems like a crazy method. Mines never moved in 80k miles despite many off road miles.
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    "E-bike" mopeds more dangerous than motorcycles?

    Actually, a moped can be driven by the motor only. The pedals are there to get started. An e-bike has to be pedaled.
  10. K is for sale!

    It should probably be featured here:
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    Who insures your truck camper?

    State Farm with endorsements for camper and flatbed.
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    AED for expedition use?

    As a former WEMT, I think having an AED would still be helpful. CPR rarely works and AED's are everywhere in the front country and easy to use. At minimum, it could get a persons heart back beating and possibly allow time for survival until the advanced care folks arrive.
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    RV Refrigerators - what is the current trend?

    15 year old National Luna has never failed me
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    Stainless Steel Brake Lines -- Yay or Nay

    Thanks everyone for the sage advice.
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    Stainless Steel Brake Lines -- Yay or Nay

    I have a 2015 Ram 3500 with 105,000 miles upon which I carry a 2000 pound camper. I updated the rotors and pads about 40k ago. I am hoping to keep this rig for years to come and am working through replacing components that could fail given the truck's age and mileage. One such component are...
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    Ultimate camp shoe?

    Check out the Merril hut mock, available on Amazon. Slips on easily, great sole for walking around camp and warm.
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    10+ years of regular use of a National Luna Weekender and its never let me down. More expensive initially but you get what you pay for.
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    Why are most aftermarket wheels so BroDozer?

    Agree. If I wanted bead locks, I'd buy bead locks.
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    Need Latch Suggestion/Solution

    troll through McMaster Carr online.