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    Gladiator Rubicon build thread for overlanding/Rubicon trail, request thoughts!

    A prior JK Unlimited Rubicon owner and I just got rid of my RAM Power Wagon. I was honestly not that impressed with the Power Wagon, it was way too heavy and large for a lot of stuff. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing a Rubicon Diesel with the following specs: GLADIATOR RUBICON 4X4 3.0L...
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    Ford Tremor - Colorado overland/off-road, or Rivian?

    I am retiring to my home in central Colorado in a year or two and wish to get into my "retirement vehicle" and I'd like to get peoples thoughts. Especially for those experienced with overlanding the Western US and off-roading the Colorado mountains. I currently own a Tesla Model Y performance...
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    SOLD Power Wagon Laramie - RAM - Upgrades, ATV carrier and ramps. Alabama.

    2016 RAM Power Wagon Laramie. Upgrades! Like New, only 23K miles! Diamondback dual ATV/aluminum cargo cover with aluminum ramps. This allows one or two ATVs to be loaded on the back cover, leaving tons of cargo room for other gear in the bed! You can put sheets of plywood, furniture, whatever...
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    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    I'm looking for a self sustaining rig to explore North America. Fitting in shipping containers isn't a concern for me, but I'd like to keep the vehicle 25 feet or less in length. The budget would be $250,000. I am not at all opposed to a good quality used unit. The requirements: 1. Really good...