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    Chevy is boss.

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    RAM 2500/3500 OEM side steps

    These are part number 82213273AD. like new had them on my 2020 RAM 2500 crew cab Power Wagon. Only on truck for a few months at most. you will need a hardware kit part number 68193128AB which is like $28 on amazon and available at RAM dealerships. Located in Missoula. If you have the hardware...
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    SOLD.Warn wireless remote pn 90287

    $100 shipped in the USA. probably could use new batteries but takes two common 12V 23A. I used it on my VR10000 I see Warn says it does not work with the VR evo series. you can down load the owners manual on the warn site. I...
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    SOLD: Go Fast Camper XL for Ram 2500/3500 6.4 box

    sold and headed to Austin Tx
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    2020 Power Wagon adventure rig outrageously over priced but I know what I have....

    just throwing this one of a kind rig out there. 13,000 miles one year old, GFC camper, $80,000 will entertain higher than asking price offers for sure but no low ballers I know what I have. Will include some little doo dads and this and that. Babied from day one. Not a scratch in or out...
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    electric blankets 12V?

    I tried searching but could not really find anything. We camped in our GFC and it got down in the 20's and it got pretty cold. I don't really want to use a diesel heater and I know a propane heater will cause a lot more moisture than we already get from just breathing. Has anyone found a 12V...
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    First Aide kits for camping?

    Any good recommendations for affordable kits. Does not need to be super small but be nice if it were somewhat compact.
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    Jackery deal.

    So I know some here hate Jackery and the likes. There was recently a thread that got closed down about Jackery. For me they make sense. ie small, easy to charge whether driving down the highway or at home, and will run an ARB50 for several days according to all the reports I have read. I...
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    GFC has awesome customer service.

    I just posted this in the FWC thread but figured many people won't keep reading an old thread. I just bought a used GFC that is just under a year old. During my research I discovered that GFC had updated the hinges just after mine was built. They said there has been zero failures with my...
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    Moab fatalities.

    be careful and check your equipment. The cost of failure can be death. prayers to the families and all those involved.
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    Ooni pizza ovens while camping?

    Any body use one of these. Was visiting my daughter this weekend and she bought an Ooni frya 12 wood pellet pizza oven and it made incredibly good pizza. Pizzas cook in a one minute and turned out perfect every time. Thinking of getting a gas powered one, for ease but the pellet one only took...
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    New Jeep Springsteen JD edition.

    in light of his commercial and recent DUI arrest Jeep felt it was time.
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    Ram Tradesman w/power wagon option VS Gladiator rubicon/mojave (turned into a Power Wagon build thread)

    I know a bit different, but at the same time close enough in payload for my needs and either has enough tow capacity for me ie I will never pull a trailer over 5000lb so both have plenty of cushion towing wise. Initially I was thinking of throwing a ZR2 in the mix but just does not seem like it...
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    pretty cool scout
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    Mopar 82211405 5 Piece Factory Wheel Lock Kit $38 shipped to lower 48.
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    2020 GC altitude lift?

    Buddy just bought a new GC altitude edition and is looking for a 2-2.5 lift. I looked thinking OME would have one but nada listed. Any suggestions?
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    What do you do with your Elk ivory?

    curios what you do with yours. do they lay in the drawer after the first week of showing them off or do you do something cool with them. My daughter made me a key ring which I thought was pretty cool.
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    Trapper peak Bitterroot Mountains.

    I did this over 20 years ago and it was just a bit tougher at 60 then at 40 hope I can still do it when I am 80. Lewis and Clark said it was the nasty section they saw.
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    FWC on Montana CL not mine but looks pretty nice.