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    Volcon Electric utility machine

    Volcon, new Texas-based company, just announced their first product - an electric fat tire two wheel utility machine called the Grunt. The web site lists impressive specs: 100 mile range Easy battery swap out Recharges from 110V outlet in 2 hours 75 lb ft of torque 0-60 in 6 seconds 60 mph top...
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    Latest “LC will be canceled in USA” rumor

    Every couple of years rumors circulate that Toyota plans to stop selling the Land Cruiser in USA. This time the story is that the 2021 200 series LC will be the end of the line. The story...
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    2018 BMW adventure models

    Looks like BMW’s adventure models will see changes in 2018. The 1200 will get a slightly larger displacement (1249cc) and add variable valve timing to improve low rpm torque. The 800 models will also receive a new engine, raising capacity to 853cc, a new frame, revised transmission, and new...
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    E Class All-Terrain 4x4²

    Not a G-Wagen, and just a factory concept. But interesting none the less
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    VW production plans for a midsize pickup

    Let's put this note in the domestic section, if only because VW has a plant in Tennessee, and will build this pickup in USA to avoid the "chicken-tax" tariff. in recent days, VW has strongly hinted that its plans for a midsize pickup have advanced from "concept" to "pre-production" status...
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    Small “off-road” Ford in the works You may have read that Ford plans to cease production of passenger cars (Mustang excepted), and will concentrate on trucks and SUVs instead. One new SUV will be based on the...
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    Guatemala mountains loop No need to ride Highway 1 all the time! Here’s a description of a 300 mile loop in the mountains of Guatemala, 70% of which is on unpaved roads. The article appears in an online magazine for bicycle tourists, but the route is on...
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    Bikepacking trip resource Bikepacking magazine is a good online resource for planning longer rides. You can select length of trip, type of trail, and region of the world to narrow down the selection of articles. Many include downloadable GPS files with points of interest. The web site...
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    2019 Ford Ranger configuration program Looks like the online configuration program for the 2019 Ford Ranger will go live around August 15. There was an “accidental” appearance of...
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    Reminder about rules in this section

    This section and other areas in the For Sale category have rules. Before posting, please read the thread entitled “Forum Rules: Read Before Posting.” The first rule is that the For Sale section is for individual items owned personally by forum members. That’s why the thread from a company...
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    5 van interior kits

    Here’s an article that links to five companies making interior kits for vans sold in USA. Install yourself, or have the company do the job. Some use existing holes and brackets, so you can revert to a standard van as needed. Worth a view if only to find ideas for your custom build...
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    Costs for a ride to Tuktoyaktuk

    A fellow on who posts under the name 1UglyBastard took a six week, 12,000 mile ride up to Tuktoyaktuk and back to New Orleans. He rode a Honda CB500X. Here is the breakdown of his costs Lodging (Camping): $218.14 Fuel: $817.83 Food and beer: $911.09 Gear (tent, bike parts, new...
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    AEV Outpost II project? prototype?

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    Jeep Patriot after 200 foot fall

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    G-Wagen falls 4 stories, driver survives A driver accidentally drove his G500 through the retaining wall of a parking garage, and fell four stories to the street. The vehicle landed on the passenger...
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    Ceramicspeed “Driven” chainless drive

    Since cycling has a 150 year history, it’s rare to see a truly new idea. Here’s one: a chainless drive system that claims to be 99% efficient, compared to 95-97% efficiency for a bicycle chain drive. Ceramicspeed is showing a concept that could replace the bicycle chain and derailleur...
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    Fatmap ? Saw this article about Fatmap, a backcountry map/navigation program. Anyone use it?
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    Global Explorer: new from Australia and Kym Bolton is at it again. The designer of — EarthCruiser (with All Terrain Warriors and Lance Gilles) and — TravelTrucks Scrubmaster now has a new company called...