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  1. jadmt

    Do we really need a spare?

    I am just saying over 50 years of driving I have never seen it successfully done. I have heard people talk about it but when it actually needs to be wired shut it is usually a fail. Most are not going to have much luck running a tube either as tubeless tires are most likely not going to get the...
  2. jadmt

    Do we really need a spare?

    Some can do that successfully most can't including me and I'm pretty capable.
  3. jadmt

    Do we really need a spare?

    Running local I don't see the need so much as unless you totally blow a sidewall you can just keep filling it until you get to a tire shop or home. On the Rubicon or dusy ershim or white rum trail or black bear pass etc probably a good idea. I have had very few flats on vehicles and none that...
  4. jadmt

    Am I being ridiculous?

    It is funny I grew up and live in western Montana and look at snow capped peaks from my house in any direction I get a kick out of those black lava fields. This my view this morning camping at flathead lake
  5. jadmt

    Lets see some full size pictures...

  6. jadmt

    RSI Smartcap questions?

    mine has not leaked a drop and they will send you lock covers if you ask. there are rails on top with 4 nuts included per side for cross bars but would be easy to screw in some eye bolts so it would be easy to suspend it from the top. you can add more nuts in the rails to even out the load if...
  7. jadmt

    Good Deal on FWC Hawk, under $10 k, Calif. Bay Area

    that won't be around for more than an hour.
  8. jadmt

    Go Fast RTT
  9. jadmt

    Go Fast RTT

    Not GFC but people sell all the time on the FB page and GFC forum
  10. jadmt

    Go Fast RTT

    have you checked on their fb page and on their website?
  11. jadmt

    Random Scenic Shots

    The elusive Montana state flower
  12. jadmt

    Hallmark let me down

    none...although I have looked at Overland camp X's and they look pretty nice but are $$$
  13. jadmt

    help me decide Toyo at III or Duratracs

    I have had both (currently have duratracs and I aint all that fond of them) and would go either the Toyos or Faken at3w's which I have also had. I have run a lot of Toyo AT2's (several sets) RT's (several sets) and one set of AT3's. for what you describe I think I would look at some Toyo RT's...
  14. jadmt

    New Bronco

    Home depot provides health insurance, even for part timers...
  15. jadmt

    New Bronco

    they got conditioned not to work...
  16. jadmt

    New Bronco

    local Home Depot is trying to fill shelf stockers for $21 an hour. They apparently can not get any takers...because it requires lifting and working odd hours.
  17. jadmt

    Hallmark let me down

    he does not have a trailer he has a pickup camper.....
  18. jadmt

    New Bronco

  19. jadmt

    Hallmark let me down

    you never checked it at the time?
  20. jadmt

    2500HD: Tray and Canopy