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  1. beanmachine314

    MB Truck vs Unimog

    Hi all, My wife and I have decided to sell everything and live on the road permanently and we are at the point of deciding on a vehicle. We are pretty much set on a Mercedes Truck or Unimog as we plan on being outside the US for the majority of the time (we are planning 2-3 years to visit the...
  2. beanmachine314

    So... We need to talk about your weight.

    GVWR My wife and I are finally at a point of making the decision to eschew our normal life and full-time it in some sort of mobile tenement. We've "talked" about it for years, though never seriously, but over the past year a few things have happened to make us realize this isn't just want we...
  3. beanmachine314

    2 Dr JK upgrades

    Hey guys long time reader first time poster here. I just picked up a 2014 JK Sport for DD/camping trip duties. Figured I would share my progress here with you. First of all I wouldn't consider this a "build" really as my philosophy isn't to change things at the get go. All I really plan to do...