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  1. Enigma

    Mounting brackets for Scepter military fuel canisters?

    These are some of the better options I found online for securing the plastic Scepter Nato cans I use. Baja rack makes a couple different styles, but this dual one makes the most sense as it covers the caps preventing some jag-off siphoning the precious liquid...
  2. Enigma

    Runva Winches, Any good?

    The boys on 4WD Action in Oz seem to be running the Runva's now with good results. This could have been an awesome winch review, but sadly you would need to subscribe to their magazine to get the details. Tl;DR the Runva won (but not the same Runva that sells)
  3. Enigma

    TJM Stealth Winch??

    I have a Stealth 9500 with the synthetic line, wireless remote etc. Worked great, for the one time I used it. The next time it was dead as the circuit board inside the sealed control box was corroded from condensation I guess. It was never submerged, but mounted in the "regular place", on top of...
  4. Enigma

    270 deg square back?

    We need a "270 Awning shoot out"; there are sure a lot of well designed 270 awnings available now. I'm liking this Kinsmen which I've just heard about vs The Bush Company version.
  5. Enigma

    How do you haul mountain bikes on a trailer with a RTT?

    Receiver hitch on your FRONT bumper and mount a bike rack off that
  6. Enigma

    ARB replacement parts...

    Broke my fridge latch recently. Is this part number for the whole assembly?; ie the grey handle and the blue section that screws into the fridge casing (which is what broke on mine, the blue piece)
  7. Enigma

    Research/ Experience &Concern about Trailer Manufacturer Response

    Yeah the pooch thing really throws a wrinkle into things. We went from a tiny Shih-Tzu to an 80 lb Bernedoodle; makes traveling a lot more complicated now.
  8. Enigma

    Research/ Experience &Concern about Trailer Manufacturer Response

    Great thread. I'm looking to pull the trigger soonish, with what looks like Offgrid as the leading contender so far. I live in southwestern BC (Vancouver) and am tired of dealing with wet canvas issues on my RTT and getting to that point in my life where I just want to open a door to go to...
  9. Enigma

    Has anyone seen the Opus Campers?

    I'd be scared of having a camp fire anywhere near that inflatable tent portion, which takes most of the joy out of camping...the fire that is. Trailer looks nice though.
  10. Enigma

    SOLD SOLD SOLD - Conqueror Conquest For Sale in Oregon

    Howdy, nice trailer! Do you have any info on this Canadaian dealer? My Google-**** is weak this morning, can't find any info on them. GLWS!
  11. Enigma

    SOLD: JK Habitat FOR SALE!!!

    That's a pretty cool setup, looks pretty massive inside there. Is the whole length usable as sleeping area, looks to be about 12' or so long all folded out?
  12. Enigma

    SOLD - 2007 Airstream Basecamp

    Not seeing a price listed?
  13. Enigma

    1970 Appleby 3 bed Expo Tent Trailer

    Cool trailer, never seen that before. I'm not in the market but just generally curious. How does the tent store and fold out? Do you have any "interior" shots of the tent and of the inside of the trailer with the tent folded up? How much storage space is available in the trailer with the tent...
  14. Enigma

    iPhone 5S and 5C announcements

    Vid on all the new features...
  15. Enigma

    How to Modify Vehicle Wiring - Starting with the DO NOTs

    So you're telling me I should't just twist some wires over a crimp on blade connection and jam it in between some fuses?
  16. Enigma

    Need 12volt Air for your rig?

    I think the link to the 'mud post above will answer your questions. But it will run as long as you need it to (an earlier post in this thread by landcruiserphil stated he had his runngig for 4 1/2 hours). You only need one battery, but it would be wise to have the vehicle running when operating...
  17. Enigma

    Camping in bear country

    Video no longer available :(
  18. Enigma

    Will a fridge work for us ..

    Price is right, but they DO NOT draw fewer amps than a "proper" ARB style fridge. From the stats I'm reading, they draw 5 amps, and I'm going to guess that's a fairly consistent 5 amps. An ARB will draw .7 to 2.5 amps. They are very efficient, but very pricey...
  19. Enigma

    Camp Shower Showdown

    It's my understanding they are made by a different company, just marketed here by Mr. Heater.
  20. Enigma

    Camp Shower Showdown

    Some older posts from here on Expo about this unit: Sounds like it's not made my Mr Heater, but they market it here with their brand name on it. Another model is the