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  1. Kmrtnsn

    2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport JKU—SOLD

    Sold, pending buyer‘s inspection.
  2. Kmrtnsn

    2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport JKU—SOLD

    back on market, buyer backed out sight unseen.
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    Jeep JK - 2011 manual transmission issues

    I hate hearing someone refer to what should be “gear oil” as “transmission oil”. It makes me think the wrong product was used. Transmission “Fluid” is essentially hydraulic fluid with red dye and some additives For use in automatic transmission whereas heavyweight gear oil is for axles and...
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    Stolen Van Denver, Colorado

    i really hope you get it back. They’re called “shave keys”. Older vehicles with double cut keys wear down inside the lock cylinders and the keys wear down too. Thieves will have a ring full of well worn keys for target makes, usually pre-2001 Fords, Toyotas, and Hondas. Usually one of the...
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    2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport JKU—SOLD

    Time to let her go. she just sits and needs someone to take her out. 2013 Wrangler Sport Unlimited, 58,600 miles, Auto, AC, 430 Stereo with Backup Camera, power windows and doorlocks. Warn Front Bumper Engo 10K winch ARB Air Lockers front and rear ARB Twin Compressor SPod AEV Snorkel AEV rear...
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    Watches.......the other type!

    For the money, the Marathon SAR watches can’t be beat. I have the MSAR with date and mechanical movement. It’s been flawless.
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    Moby vs SoCal Teardrop

    I’ve rented SoCal teardrops. Stout trailers. I wouldn’t touch a Moby as there’s no support. Take a look at the Escapod Topo and the new Topo II.
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    Warning re Jackery product quality/design

    And what, you want a cookie?
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    Suggestions to add plastic armour to round tubes on racks

    Kydex sheet, a heat gun, a bandsaw, a belt sander, and a pop-riveter.
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    Warning re Jackery product quality/design

    I think you really overestimate your abilities. Ever seen the inside of a Jackery? How about your flatscreen TV? There are a couple good teardown videos on YouTube you should take a look at and then explain your theories of troubleshooting the OP’s electrical gremlins. These are very complex...
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    Warning re Jackery product quality/design

    I suppose you’re also of the train of thought that manufacturers should be liable for product misuse?
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    Evolution musings (long intro and a locker advise needed)

    I have a ‘13 Sport with ARBs front and rear engaged by an under-hood mounted ARB Twin compressor.
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    Check your tires regardless of age and mileage

    That type of cracking is typical of extended heat exposure, drying the ozone protective chemical agents out of the rubber. This can be exacerbated by chemical exposure through harsh cleaners, road coatings for snow/ice, etc.
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    What shocks will fit my FG437?

    Reach out to Rebel Off-Road down in Laguna and see how they outfitted their Rebelzilla truck. There’s a whole thread here somewhere.
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    Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS

    I’ve sworn off cargo pockets. Except in the one pair or Crye Combat Pants that work bought me before I retired. Those have enough pockets for a lifetime!
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    Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS

    Just got a pair, they’re my new favorites. Have to try their jeans and Braddock pants yet.
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    2 spare tires?

    First, you need to know how to “break the bead”. I’d say very few people here do, let alone have what they need to do it, Second, you need a pair of tire spoons and a tire hammer to separate the tire from the wheel one bead at a time. How do you mount it? Tire lube and spoons for the second...
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    2 spare tires?

    i think you’re referring to this, I posted the story from Wayalife a couple of times in different tire threads. Four flats, one trip, same Jeep.
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    Need a Stock jeep wheel

    Sgt. Jeep in Rosamond.