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    Registering under a Montana LLC

    California has its own laws If you are a resident of California you have 20 days to register your vehicles in California If you are a corporation with a location in California the vehicles have to be registered in California, this is a really big issue with the construction industry but...
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    2 spare tires?

    My vehicle came from the factory with an air compressor and 4 spare tires
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    Bigfoot lives in Southern California, I see it every time I go to the office
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    Recovery Points for E450

    That spring hanger is welded to the bottom if the front half of the crumple zone, interesting. Most of the vehicles I work on are much heavier and it is generally easier to pull the stick vehicle out from the rear What I would look at doing is removing the front bumper and using the bumper...
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    Im kinda disabled, kinda

    Been disabled for almost 3 decades Had a Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, I joke that I actually have a hole in my head. PTSD is back with a vengeance due to Covid. I thought I had this side of it under control but my kids don’t think so because I don’t conform to there view of normal. Tinnitus...
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    Volcon Electric utility machine

    I think it would be useful as a scooter hanging on the back but there are many cheaper options
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    Kenworth K270/K370 and Peterbilt Model 200 4x4 Conversion and Misc Questions

    My personal experience is that the CDL does help and eliminate a lot of questions that my friends get asked and I do not get asked. My big rig cruises at 58 and you just sit back and enjoy the scenery. My latest creation will hit the governor at triple digits. I have had it up to 75 and that’s...
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    Cooper Tire recall

    I had a few BFG’s that failed so I switched to coopers
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    Thoughts on registration and new diesel laws in California

    You forgot once it is converted you need to change the title to MH
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    Hitch ball through crossmember?... Maybe..

    Unless the Fuso rides harder than an FT900 you are over thinking this. When I mounted the HiLo on the FT900 I had air bags planned to go between the trailer and the truck bed but after tuning the truck springs to my actual weight it rides better than my wife’s Honda. For my front mount I used...
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    Under-loading suspension

    I have leaf springs at all four corners, a total of 6 springs, each one was reworked by reducing the number of leaves and rearching them. The truck now rides better than my wife’s car and the cost was not that much. The rear suspension made the most improvement. With the original springs the...
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    Cool Jeeps You Can't Have - Mahindra of India

    The police don’t have to look the other way if it is legal. Even CA has provisions to register vehicles for low speed, 25 mph, street use. Years ago I looked into it and found out that a farm plate was even better because it covered all the vehicles I owned
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    Cool Jeeps You Can't Have - Mahindra of India

    It would be cheaper to stretch a TJ frame to fit
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    Maps: Old school paper or GPS?

    Both are in the vehicles GPS can have issues. Several times over the last two weeks I have had issues with bad GPS data both at work and driving. Yesterday morning I took a look at the data coming from the satellites, using my work GPS and consulting tech support, and it was discovered that...
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    So I bought a trailer now what should I do?

    Your slapping could be the shock inside the surge brake actuator is bad. I have been towing trailers off road for over 35 years and I prefer surge brakes. I hate electric brakes. Full air brakes are the best but that’s not an option.
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    So I bought a trailer now what should I do?

    If it has full led tail lights nothing has to be changed
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    Freestar: Construction of a big rig !

    Fernando at Atlas spring on 4th street in La Puente CA Removed leaves and re arched the springs on both fords. Added shocks to the rear of the green ford FT900
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    Freestar: Construction of a big rig !

    Good luck tuning that suspension to the ultimate weight of the camper. The three leaf design does not allow the tuning and I am not a fan of the rubber blocks. Personally I would have gone with the Hendrixson RTE suspension because it is far easier to have the multi leaf springs re arched and...
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    Temp Monitoring for Brakes/Bearings

    A lot of the new Truck Drivers out there are simply known as steering wheel holders and they would have no idea what the gauges or display meant. The sensors would need to be tied to the low air system and even then the steering wheel holders would not know what to do. The sensors may work ok...