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    Arb locker for ram.

    Maybe I misread, but it seems arb came out with a locker for the ram 1500. Anyone tried them or heard anything?
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    looking at my first land cruiser 2006. My question is about the navigation. Is there an upgrade for it? Or are you just stuck with an outdated mapping system?
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    Need opinions on Tacoma

    Have a good line on a 2006 Tacoma, 208,000 miles. Frame was swapped out in march of this year. Service records show it was dealer maintained. Asking price is 8500. does the price seem fair? Thanks all
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    Jeep price

    Need some help from all you jeep people. There is a 1997 jeep Cherokee sport for sale down the road from me. 170,000 body is rust free has a gaggle of new parts rear drive shaft, new breaks, new stainless steel brake lines. You get the idea what would be a fair price. Thank you all.
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    Should I buy a jeep

    I'm at a cross roads. By next year I will have about 15k saved for a vehicle. I'm on the fence bout getting a jeep. I currently have my towing needs covered. So it's between a jeep rubicon and a tacoma. What are your likes and dislikes bout your jeeps? Rubicon 4door to be exact. Thanks
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    Diesel injectors

    this is for all the Ford 6.0 owners, how hard are the injectors to do on a excursion. I know on the trucks they recommend pulling the cab, but I can't see it on the excursion. I will admit I don't know a thing bout psd only cummins, 12v and cr. Thanks
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    Who has them, and how do you like them. After getting stuck today and shoveling like a mad man I think it's time to invest in them. But was looking for reviews. Thanks
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    Max tire size

    Currently have 265/70/r17 on my ram 2500. Don't have a lift just leveling kit. Can anyone tell my what is the max size tire I could run without lift. Don't want a lift, but want bigger tires. Thanks
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    Just got a dpms 762x51, and maybe it's just me but it won't feed worth crap. I swaped out the factory mags for p mags and still no change. I can get through maybe 3 rounds and Jams. Mars up my casings. Mind you this is on slow fire. Anyone else had this problem? Thank God I still have my 338.
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    Long over due intro. Hope this is the rite place, currently running a 2003 ram with the 5.9 cummins. Bought it back in 05 when I moved back from Australia. Nothing fancy just a topper, cooler, paper maps and compass. Any way lots of great info on here. Semper fi