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    CB radio, cell phone, iPod

    I am looking for a way to integrate a CB radio into my current sound system Currently I listen to music and make calls on my iPhone Unfortunately I have to turn the music off to hear the CB radio Is there a way to integrate this? I know cobra makes CB radios with Bluetooth for calls but...
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    2000 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner

    The truck is in great shape. Runs great AC is cold Has CD player with aux input I put a new engine, clutch and radiator in it about 5000 miles ago, due to the timing belt snapping New fuel pump New headliner I have the receipts I got this truck for my son but he does not like to...
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    Toyota Tacoma purchase Southern California

    I am in the market for a new truck. My son totaled the dodge and the ford has 200,000 miles on it. I am looking at a double cab 4wd long bed Tacoma. I want a SR5 or better due to the options. Any advice on the good or bad of the versions? Are there any dealers in California that give good deals?
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    TJ (LJ) floor liners

    I am thinking about getting a set of the molded floor liners for my 2006 unlimited. The issue I am having I when my wife drives it she pushes off the carpet and ends up pushing it up under the dash and pulling it out from under the console and seat. The snaps have all ripped out of the carpet...
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    M762 flatbed M416

    I saw this posted on steel soldiers It is a M762 trailer which is the flatbed version of the M416 trailer.
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    How can I load a quad with a crane.

    I have a Kawasaki Bayou quad that I need to load on the back of my rig using a the existing crane. The deck is about 60" inches off the ground. I am trying to figure the best and easiest way to sling it. Any ideas?
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    M101A2 Trailer For Sale

    M101A2 Trailer for sale. Located in Southern California. I have the form 97 for this trailer. I have two of these trailers for sale. $950
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    M101A3 Trailer For Sale

    M101A3 Trailer for sale. Located in Southern California. I have the form 97 for this trailer. $750
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    M101A1 Trailer For Sale

    M101A1 Trailer for sale. Located in Southern California. I have the form 97 for this trailer. $900
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    M101A3 with Helmet Top for Sale

    M101A3 with the fiberglas Helmet top for sale. Located in Southern California. Has a California Title. $2,200
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    Looking for a replacement floor mat

    I am looking for a rubber floor mat that covers the entire cab floor for a 1989 ford F800 I am working on. This truck has the same exterior can as the pickup but the floor does not have a transmission hump but still has the humps under the seats. Ford no longer had any in the parts system and no...
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    Adhesive advice

    I am working on my camper and I need to repair several patches we did a couple of years ago and the foam to skin bond has failed. The wall construction is .04 aluminum, on the inside and outside, bonded to a foam core. I used 2" roof insulation, it has a thin fiberglass sheet bonded to each...