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  1. Joe917

    Need electrical wiring diagram for MB 917/1017

    I need electrical diagrams for our 1993 MB917 Particularly the windshield wiper circuit and the air conditioning circuit I believe the 917,1017 all the way to the 1524 will all be the same.
  2. Joe917

    Duty On Imported Motorhome

    Has anyone here imported a completed motor home to the USA? Not a fire truck or a bare chassis, but an original expo truck built on a truck chassis, Unicat, etc. (over 25 years old). What was the import duty? A car is 2.5%, a truck is 25%. That is it for information on the CBP website. I would...
  3. Joe917

    B est SR5,Hilux,Tacoma

    Where in the USA is the best state to buy a used Toyota truck, SR5, Hilux, Tacoma? Rust free, best price, best year.Under 10k. For export to Canada. And discuss...
  4. Joe917

    Long term boondocking/camping near Edinburgh?

    We were planning South America, however serious family illness in Edinburgh has forced a change. We are looking at apartments, but we could ship our Mercedes 917AF and live in it if we can find cheap long term parking near Edinburgh. The vehicle is completely self sufficient, no electrical plug...
  5. Joe917

    Need a rear air brake can for 917 AF

    The rear left air brake chamber is leaking when the service brakes are applied, so there is an internal failure probably the diaphragm. Right now I am in a truck shop in Colorado, the part is not available in North America. Mercedes no longer sells rebuild kits, only a complete can. The problem...
  6. Joe917

    Shop manual for 917 AF Starter cange help

    Hey Guys, does anybody have a shop manual for the 917 AF, 366 engine? I have been having starter problems so I ordered a new starter. I have the old starter disconnected and unbolted but cannot figure out how to get it out. Do I have to remove the turbo? (please say no!). Any help would be...
  7. Joe917

    Mercedes startin issue

    My wife and I are headed down to Florida from Ottawa. The truck has been flawless (apart from the 10mpg) until 2 days ago. We stopped after a few hours of driving, when I tried to restart all I got was a click from the starter or solenoid. After the truck had cooled for a while (1/2 hour) it...
  8. Joe917

    HELP Suspension Air Spring Expert Needed

    Last year I purchased my Mercedes-Benz 917AF and imported it to Canada. Plan is the Americas then Africa and Asia. I have done a lot of refitting and upgrading, one of the last things to fix were the aging cracked air bags. I am in Ottawa, the capital but not a large city and heavy truck...
  9. Joe917

    Is some play at the Transfer case normal 917/Mog drivetrain?

    Truck is a 1993 MB-917AF (same drive train as a Mog minus the portal axels) My mechanic and I have been going over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb. All mechanical issues have been addressed except for the fact that we have found a small amount (maybe 5 thou) of play where the rear drive shaft...
  10. Joe917

    Fan-Tastic Vent on sale

    Just came across this: Real good price on a great vent. No affiliation etc.
  11. Joe917

    OM 366 OIL

    What is the oil capacity of the OM 366 engine? What oil are you using? synthetic? conventional? cheers, Joe.
  12. Joe917

    Time to break the piggy bank

    Sorry I have to post these once in a while Deeply discounted used
  13. Joe917

    Mercedes-Benz 917 AF Renovation.

    It is time to share my expedition vehicle experiences. My wife and I planned early on in our relationship that we would sell up and travel. We intended to start with a sailboat ( I have plenty of ocean sailing experience) but plans change and we decided to start with the Americas by road. So...
  14. Joe917

    Start your trip in Argentina
  15. Joe917

    F350 4x4 with camper - $8200

    Looks like a good poor man's Earthroamer project
  16. Joe917

    Wanted:4x4 Toyota Sunrader

    I am looking for a 4x4 Toyota Sunrader for an around North America tour. I know they are as rare as hen's teeth and I just missed a great truck in September. My biggest problem is I am in Ontario Canada and most if not all 4x4 Sunraders are in California. If anyone knows of one for sale or knows...
  17. Joe917

    Wanted 4x4 Toyota Sunraider

    I am looking for an expedition vehicle for my wife and I to tour North America. We are keen photographers and the 18' 4x4 Sunraider looks perfect for our needs. Any help locating one would be appreciated. I am located in Ontario Canada but will consider any vehicle in North America.