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  1. NCLRbear

    Anyone in the Bay Area have a Storyteller or Revel that I can look at?

    Thanks I looked into those and will try to make it to one.
  2. NCLRbear

    Anyone in the Bay Area have a Storyteller or Revel that I can look at?

    I have been wanting to buy an adventure van for a while now but I would love to see one in person with my wife first. I'd love to pick the owners brain and see if its the right fit for us. We have two kids and would be upgrading from a built out '06 Land Rover LR3 so it would be a drastic...
  3. NCLRbear

    What makes a good camp stove?

    Wow so many good reply’s. I’m pretty surprised to hear about Coleman gasoline stoves. I’m going to also look into white gas. I’m also happy so see someone learned how to better use their partner stove!!
  4. NCLRbear

    What makes a good camp stove?

    I’ve been reading some threads on here about what the best stove is. I’ve seen a lot of people mention Partner or Camp Chef Everest and even jetboil. But what makes a good stove? Is it all about btu’s? In that case the Camp Chef should take the cake at 20,000 btu (Hr)per burner. Even my cheap...
  5. NCLRbear

    Need recommendation for camp kitchen utensil set

    I love my front runner kit. And the three pronged forks are a good conversation piece. Look up why Americans use a four pronged fork.
  6. NCLRbear

    Bought a couple of 110's

    absolutly gorgeous. I can't wait to get one, if i ever do
  7. NCLRbear

    Tactical4x4 Duel fuel carrier option

    I have a pinched wire on one of my sensors. I don't know if this is causing it to fail though. I've been thinking about getting the duel can holder for mine. It's expensive though.
  8. NCLRbear

    LR3 factory air tank for aux air.

    this is a great Idea. I'm with Victory I'd like to see where you mounted the other components. I'm buy that same compressor this week.
  9. NCLRbear

    Traxide dual battery system - Which version to get?

    I’ve had my kit installed for a few years now and I tested my fridge overnight and it died. I tested the battery and it said 12v. I put a load on it for ~20 seconds and it dropped to 11-10v why would my ARB fridge cut out if it’s still registering 12v?
  10. NCLRbear

    Anyone have a high mileage LR3?

    just hit 202,000 in mine.
  11. NCLRbear

    Looking for an '06+ LR3 with HD package...

    I have a Ediff on mine and i honestly have no idea when i need it and don't. I have no control over it ( as you know its automatic) I just point my rig up a hill, or down and it goes and most of the time makes it. (except that one time i lost a window:Wow1:) so I can't say how often you will use...
  12. NCLRbear

    Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

    how are you feeling about your breaking now?
  13. NCLRbear

    Best place in SoCal or Online for BFG KO2?????

    I always get mine from Americas Tire. best prices. (better than tire rack when you add up install price and fees)
  14. NCLRbear

    Looking for an '06+ LR3 with HD package...

    I have an '06 w/ HD that i may be willing to part with but I have over 200k miles. runs great and maintained very well. P.S. I love the No RDS license plate ^^^
  15. NCLRbear

    Gap tool question

    thank you
  16. NCLRbear

    Gap tool question

    Well the reason I posted this was to see if I could get a quick answer as to what height I should run at everyday. I don't want to be a "poser" I just want to find the right height to run at everyday so that my tires don't rub. I've done some trimming but I guess ill just answer my own question...
  17. NCLRbear

    Central Tire Inflation

    I just heard on the Centre Steer podcast that Land Rover patented a central tire inflation system. I wonder if we will see this on the new Defender or the Off-Road version of the new Discovery. Does anyone have anymore information on this?
  18. NCLRbear

    Gap tool question

    isn't +40 fully lifted (for the gap tool)?
  19. NCLRbear

    Gap tool tight tolerance alignment

    I'm wondering the same thing. Im running larger tires too.